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ONE YEAR TO LIVE-A vision gives me one year to live as of may 13th 2002: this Journal is how I deal with that! one year to live

one year to live
October 26th, A dream event shows me that I will live till late 2011 or early 2012, then I will leave with the rest of much of humanity, at the "END, this dream states"! [a collective massdeath event of some kind, probably!] ---yet another Extension, now living *way* beyond my [apparently] pre-birth setup Life Plan! Stay Tuned!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2002
10:39 AM
Today I rewrote up that Visiondream where a Guru tells me that i have one year to live!!
Tis a major re-write: i tried to recall every little detail to this vision. I rewrote the original
and place it into my files at

I will now re-post it here, in my "better version".


My Vision That Tells Me This.....

Over the years, i have recieved many many Dreamvisions
of the afterlife: i posted many of them up in my site.
you may go read them there.

I always wondered why my mother was so so afraid to
drive on the roads at dusk. seemed so irrational to
me: she had this fear for years.
My father was on his deathbed, he had a bad stroke,
the fall of
1986. he had just turned 72. I came up to live with
my aunt, in my hometown, Interlaken, N Y... from Tallahassee. I lived
there a year.
A friend of my father's told me something. he told
me something that i never knew until 1986,
that my MOTHER had had a Vision, in about 1965, where
she was shown that she would die in ten years as a red
sports car would come into her lane at dusk and kill
her instantly but that my father would live until he
was 72! She told, apparently, very very few people!
he was now 72!! Mother had died ten years after her
dream as THE red sports car came into her lane at 120
MPH, at dusk....Appointment IS kept!
[ NOW i knew why she kept a posted-on-the-wall, file
of all those predictions that psychics make for the
year-to-come, and that she always found them to be
wrong, thus laughing about it and thus trying to put
down the possibility that HER prophecy came from a

father lived one more year beyond his 72 as he made
amends with his son, Grace in action!!
[I have ALREADY HAD my time of grace, probably, as Spirit lets me
live beyond 1998, when i was set up to die!]

A few years ago, my mother came to me from heaven to
tell me three numbers....3 39 99. this in 1999. i
stood at a dreamspot: the image was the driveway in front of the
family childhood home, to see my mother come from the
sky from the setting sun west...she spoke to me.

i never considered that perhaps I, too, would Be
Told....but of course it would be so, in these family
karma affairs...Mother was a Prophetess, and Saw correctly!

My DREAM BEGINS....may 13 2002.

....I am in astral INDIA, the place i have lived in, in
many lifetimes. I walk along a road, in rurual India.
I meet a seer, a Clarvouyant old man, a Guru, perhaps!
he tells me that when he was young, he recieved from
spirit the lifeplans of many people. These people were not yet born!
[ somehow he accessed people's Life-Plans, their life plans that they had set up
for them, by the Angelic/Christic Guides...the life plans that
they were to bring with them into birth to do their life-missions with!]
There was quite a pile of sheets of paper, on a table, before him. He
tells me, then, that each of these sheets held an account of a
person's pre-birth life plan, that he recieved from Spirit
and wrote down, around 1938. [Three years before i was born]
He pulled out a sheet and held it up to me. I could see that the
writing was in a language that i could not read: I could
see a LIST of "adjendas" or "missions", on this sheet,
by the way the sentences were formatted.
There WAS one line that was written in "english letters"...the Name
of the person this sheet pertained to.


my name!!!
He then began to read each and every Mission that I had set
for me in 1938, while my soul was still in the Heavenworld,
three years before i was born. As he read each mission, i AGREED with each
description: by now, 2002, I had finished it. [unfortunately, i cannot
recall any of these missions, probably i was not "suppossed" to remember!!]
He soon finished reading the list: I told him that he scored "100%" and
that I had done everything that this list indicated that
I AM to do, after i was born!
["he stopped"---means that there are NO more missions! He listed all of them!!]

a moment of silence.

THEN he says...[one more lifeplan to go!]
[ or...perhaps..."SPIRIT JOURNEY"!]
[He did not say "spiritual". even in the dream I
was a bit surprised, at first, that he did not say "spiritual"!
Too...I told myself, in the dream, in my half awake dream-awareness,
that "had I not already BEEN living a "spiritual life", all of these years?!
How could he be saying that I will begin a spiritual life
when I had already been living a "spiritual path"
since about 1968?!!]

suddenly i was not at the feet of this master, I was
at my childhood home, and I was now standing on the driveway, I
heard this master repeat his saying as I looked down
on the ground to see a larva-like, white, wormlike thing with
a human head.
["the soul immediately in spirit", the
newborn soul, just arrived in heaven...the "preview"
of my beginning of my Spirit jouney, my spirit life,
where i will then be living IN the world of Spirit, in my Spirit-body.]

[ On May 2 of 1999, i had a Vision where I stood
and I saw my Mother come out of heaven, to the west!
She stood before me and said just a few words.
"3" 39" "99" "these numbers are in the Bible"!
(meaning: Spiritualy True)
If i were to die in that year-from-now, i will have lived
here in Tallahassee for 42 years. (3 + 39 + 42).
I was saved from death in 1998 at 57 years old: I left my New York
home for that last time of living there. (57 + 42 = 99) Vision of my mother: she was also Telling me the News, in advance!

Suddenly, i heard one more word from this Master, spoken into my head,
just as the dream ends.
[like in "blood artery hemmorrage"!]
my mother was told HOW she would die, i guess I am now told that too!

---my Vision, my own visions, also tell me that there might
be collective earthchanges by the spring of 2005. the
bells might toll for thee also, soon!!! 2 to 3 years for YOU
to get ready, maybe.


posted by freestone wilson at 10:39 AM

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