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ONE YEAR TO LIVE-A vision gives me one year to live as of may 13th 2002: this Journal is how I deal with that! one year to live

one year to live
October 26th, A dream event shows me that I will live till late 2011 or early 2012, then I will leave with the rest of much of humanity, at the "END, this dream states"! [a collective massdeath event of some kind, probably!] ---yet another Extension, now living *way* beyond my [apparently] pre-birth setup Life Plan! Stay Tuned!

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Saturday, July 13, 2002
3:49 PM


---this has been bothering me, a bit now, for some
time: just how could baba say that he is God Incarnate and be yet accused, by even many "old" devottees, of sex-with-men and boys!
The pointing fingersites are ever growing and ever the more better

I left the library computer, after posting to my two weblog journals, some of my baba-laments, and walked a nice long queit walk back to catch a bus. On this walk, the Answer to the "why" of baba, suddenly "appeared"!
"appeared" as in "inspiration from Spirit"!

Yes, i now believe i know the why!
[I am going to assume he is a Channel for the Divine, if not an Incarnation of some High master vibration!]

If baba says that he is "love itself".....why one writer wrote how he visited baba in a private meeting and suddenly this baba beamed such a strong love vibration rush, to this person, that he wrote later that it was much more than he could handle, much more than his cultural programming would let him accept!!

-*that* is where now i see where the problem lies, folks! "love" for most men and women, *is* SEX!
sex = love!!
[look at the ads, the songs, the media's portrayal of "love"!
---love in the afternoon.
---love bites.

for those people who have only the lower soul-levels, the lower chackras, developed: the only way that they can accept "love" easily, from someone who is not a
relative, is through the sex chackra, through the act of sex only!
So here is an average man who goes to see Sai baba. in the interview room, baba beams a great currant of Divine Love towards him. this Divine love is "multi-chackra" as this love partakes of ALL the vibrations, all the of a Rainbow of Love through baba.

but this man can only pick up this love through the sex chackra! he like a person with a cheap radio that can only pick up one station. but the transmission of the signal goes out to all the stations and he can only pick up one station!
so he feels this baba-love coming from baba, as from
"man to man". in his way of living, that *IS*
exactly. this interviewee can only pick up from baba
a vibration that comes only from propositioning gay men, if it comes from any man!!!
"thus "baba *is* gay", he screams and many many listen as most men are not equiped, in our society, to accept sex-love from anyone else than of a woman. even a "love" from a child, who is not of the family, is "dangerious" as a stranger child showing love towards this man, why this man can only perchieve it as a sexual advance, by the kid!

solution: transform the sex chackra energy up to the heart center! but that takes WORK!
"work' as in the gardejeiffian way of transformation of centers! the gard. person might say that this guy who had this visit with baba cannot activate any
perception of baba-love, except through the sexual center; the heart center has yet to be developed and opened!

as baba has SAID..."the state of mankind is so dismal and the nuclear war danger so great, that I, baba, have to intervene, or else the patient, mankind, could die"!
that I see it, for many people....who visit baba: this saying means "better to turn the men into homo lovers, than to have them die, at old age, with the heart center UNOPENED"!! better to have this, so that at least they have now Touched baba's love!

---and THAT is too too tooo much for many men to handle!

baba once told a devotee, a close old soul. sadly...
"you would not believe how many women who come to me for the private interview, want me to have sex with them"!!
yeah. the knife cuts both ways: many women cannot love unless there is sex with it, thus for them too...SEX = LOVE!
they would want to go to bed with baba: that is the only way for them to feel His love!

I wonder just how many men baba felt this problem with, and then baba came onto these men *in* a "homo"
fashion, to them, as a kind of mirror back to them, knowing and sensing that their heart center has yet to open and the only "radio station' working in their subtle body is their sex center. baba then actively propositions them, homo-ly!!

some of these men are LIVID, in anger, on their sites and letters! deep deep problems that only can be addressed if these men [and women] can


their sex-centers into the next octave up...the heart center.


posted by freestone wilson at 3:49 PM

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