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ONE YEAR TO LIVE-A vision gives me one year to live as of may 13th 2002: this Journal is how I deal with that! one year to live

one year to live
October 26th, A dream event shows me that I will live till late 2011 or early 2012, then I will leave with the rest of much of humanity, at the "END, this dream states"! [a collective massdeath event of some kind, probably!] ---yet another Extension, now living *way* beyond my [apparently] pre-birth setup Life Plan! Stay Tuned!

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Tuesday, October 15, 2002
9:13 AM
--A Walk Through Humanity's history!! The Dream!

*That* was an Interesting dream that i had last night! I met a masterlike Spiritguide, in some heavenworld, and he took me on a Tour, a tour of humanity's history. but in symbolic form, probably using some spirit-created teaching device, used to teach and to show others with.

We two stood, or rather, nearly hovered over, a shoreline. there was the beach, the land behind, the shoreline, then there was the sea. The land looked like "normal" land, a thin slice of beachsand, then grass, rocks, and yet more grass going backwards to the small hills.
We floated about 60 feet off of the shoreline, about 100 feet out over the water. the master tells me that this shoreline depicts in symbol-form, the whole history of mankind! from left to right. seemed like one foot of beach equaled one year.
NOW...each and every little stick, stone, item...any "something" that was on or near the shoreline was symbolic of something in the Timeline, of mankind!
---sigh...i could not recall the hour or so of floating over several thousand years of History...but my Attention was rivited upon what he now said...."there, on the sand, next to the water, see that pot with
its lid off, the lid is several inches away from that pot: *that* symbolizes how at the period of
German Nazi times [1930s], humanity nearly split into TWO races, of spirit"!
yes, i was now up to 1930.
As my time of 6 AM awakening came near, i was more "lucid": recalling yet more of the travels forwards in time. about ten more feet yet ahead, i saw what looked to be a HUGE pine cone! nearly as large as a pineapple, looking like a pineapple. the master did not tell me what this was indicative of....but the timeline
suggests "WW II"....somewheres around 1940-1945. One foot per year...seems to be the ratio. I floated along a bit more, to the right, along this beach, i must have floated nearly 60 to 100 feet further; that would mean the time point, on the beach, would be of "now", or perhaps in the near future!
At this "now" or at the very near future, i saw a *real* signifigent "something" on the sand!
the shoreline curved around to the left, making a point of land, a point of about 50 to 100 feet of land that stuck out into the sea. out in the sea, about another 60 feet from this point, was a very small island of rock about 60 feet across and ten feet high.

a marker.
this island is a marker for a major major MAJOR Indicator, in the history of man!! think "highligher pencil underlining", this island.
I went over to the point. There was a creek about three feet wide coming down to the sea, right down the middle of the point, making this point a "small delta". i noted that one could walk up the banks of this creek, into hills from where the creek flowed from. And...this creek suggested that it was *not* to be crossed: one HAD to leave the sea and walk up along this creek, if one were walking along the shore!
Meaning: at this point in Humanity's time, all of humanity's history will end, on earth, for *this* "class" of souls!! They all will go up into spirit and live away from the earthplane, from the Shore, and maybe never never reincarnate onto the earth again! High school will be *over*: graduation is then----for *all* of humanity that are in "the currant class", the souls that have been on the earth since the beginning of the "Schoolyear"...12,000 years ago [?]! The Rapture" in slow motion: does not even have to have a single "earthchange", either, to cause this Graduation-all-at-once as this "currant" class only needs about 70 more years of life before all are "dead" of old age!
[notice any "very good' old souls dying early, of late?!!]
Thus man's history, individually, collectively, will transfer its theater of action, of history, to the Spirit worlds, at this graduation time! No more Incarnations to earth! All of our future classes and learnings will take place in the Spirit worlds, under the laws of Spirit, not earth laws!

Also, as this Class of souls walk UP the left creekside, the NEW class of baby-souls, are coming down from the hills, down from the spirit-worlds, en-masse, on the Right side of this creek, to enter the earthsphere for their, perhaps, very first incarnations upon the earth!
One class leave: another class Comes! probably at the same time, the same generation! Souls from the spiritworlds who have never had a physical incarnation.
Probably, on earth, at this time, there will be a mixture of both very very old souls and a lot of very very young souls, all together at the same time. Perhaps even oldsoul mothers could have "children from hell"...babysouls for children, where their souls come from the litteral Hellworlds, on their way upwards to Salvation, in the high spiritworlds, needing to incarnate *as* a human being, on The Way There!
These mothers may grit their teeth at having such "trouble-maker" kids, but these mothers , being old souls, can give SO so so much, to these kids, in their first incarnations, setting to Tone for goodness and Quality, at the very first incarnation, for the whole of the rest of their "schoolyear" of 12,000 years!!
These incoming souls may be here for the whole school-cycle of, say, 12,000 years. the shoreline goes ever onwards, for thousands of years, for this New Class, in the earthschool: but WE will leave, WE will Graduate to the spiritworlds, soon!
No wonder spirit is stimulating us all, to be hyperactive, with cell phone in each hand, waving them franticly, living a year of living in one week! the last life on earth...get it all done, all the karma done with...each and every thing done here is a huge preperation for the spiritworlds!
like: every "punch" of experience, in your earthly "life-ticket" an Admittance to a corresponding Temple, in heaven. temple of music, art, poetry, mothering....etc...etc...
so burn that candle at both ends and throw it in the microwave and give that microwave MAXIMUM POWER to nuke that life-candle to incandesant vapor!

How far ahead?? how far ahead *is* this event, anyway?! I was NOT told that. but it looks, from what i see, that this event is NOW! we are all in it, we all are at the point of turning upwards along the creek that flows from a higher elevation of land that is above this beach.

posted by freestone wilson at 9:13 AM

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