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ONE YEAR TO LIVE-A vision gives me one year to live as of may 13th 2002: this Journal is how I deal with that! one year to live

one year to live
October 26th, A dream event shows me that I will live till late 2011 or early 2012, then I will leave with the rest of much of humanity, at the "END, this dream states"! [a collective massdeath event of some kind, probably!] ---yet another Extension, now living *way* beyond my [apparently] pre-birth setup Life Plan! Stay Tuned!

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Friday, March 21, 2003
4:39 PM
well, now, for "part two" of my letter!

I got to thinking, after i wrote this morning's letter about Shirdi baba and the ww to thinking about what i call "my Ode to Peace and the New Agers". so i will add to my morning's letter, here.
as i type five words per minute, i have not even had time to go read, in "earthchanges' and phoenix", the two newsgroups, as to what responses i got from my first letter; only *just* so much time and it takes all i got to type three to five words per minute and really i need a Dictation software package but the $200 for "dragonspeak", that package, plus a phone, a phone costs the earth, for a Disiibility pension person so no internet connection and no phone and no software to speak dictate so pleas bear with the mis-spelled words!

I found years a go another "treasure" of Finding: another guide spoke through a medium telling shocking news....
He said....[my words] "back in the very very earlytimes of north America, an Entity began the central america Indian subrace. he was called
"Qutizicoatal" [sp]. "mr Q".......the toltecs...the Incas...the Aztecs....through the 100s of years. some say he is really wonder anthroplogists compare similarly the toltecs/incas to the early Sankritian India! HE founded it all....
[guide says..."around 1400, mr Q incarnated as "only" a priest in the Temple, a common priest. but he had a vision, a vision that disturbed one and all, it was *the* vision, the vision of the white men with beards who come in tall ships!
ah.....but the overself of this priest
BROUGHT the white men to america as Mr Q had chosen to
take the Indians off of their stage and it was time for the New Act to begin: White man! so he invoked the europeans to come and like that crook that comes from stage left to take the overstaying vaudervile actor off of the stage, the Indians were forced to leave!
[but no one SAID that the white spanish men had to be so cruel!! they were, though...another story!]
so mr Q closed the school and brought in the next class.

yes?! *when* will it be time for whitey to be forced off of this earth-school stage?!
I feel...NOW!!!
ah, but not to actually have another race replace him, it is of this:

Tis Graduation eve in Public School 666. graduation day and all the graduating seniors are up upon the stage recieving their deplomas. they will be soon off to College. wait! heads turn to peer out into the hall, just *what* is that commotion, that noise?!
why it is the NEXT INCOMING CLASS! the soon-to-be 9th graders, coming from the 8th grade HELLworlds! they yell and scream and fight amounts thermselves and ya can not tell them what to do as they need that "learn by doingness"!

*this* is my perception of the nature of the 12,000 or 25,000 year Graduation of this human raceClass! we all have incarnated, over and over, for that whole Solar cycle: some say 12,000, some say 25,000 years. a whole bunch of souls, somehow, NOW, have gotten their ASCENTION marching orders: no more earthly Incarnations for THEM! tis the end of the cycle and the apples are to be picked from the tree, ripe of not!

yes *YOU*!
you who read this, if you even faintly understand what i write and even if you do not agree with what i write, you are surely one of that class! this here earthly life may be the final one here in this realm, no more incarnations....yes, you all have written and read all about ..."ascention...12-strand dna reajustments....etc..etc."
*this* is what is meant. of course, during the 1970s...80s...90s...all this had occurred, nearly behind your back, but you all knew, from your dreams and visions! and why are you all still in your bodies?
well, from Windows..."file has changed, will not show up until you reboot, do you want to re-boot now,!"!
*when* you die, it will show up. but it may not show up much until you DO re-boot, die! but it is written upon your soul, now!

yes, this is why " age ideals",
in you all: it is PREP- aration for the new vibration to come! you all are being inspired to live a bit,NOW, as if you all have ascended?

yes, you all have seen enough of wars and killings and angers, in your 12,000---25,000 years of incarnations! "peace" is now your Mantra! a whole life-time has been spent in "finishing up loose ends and preping for the next Age" . Ah! there is that Next Class, Coming in, maybe from the Demon/hell worlds: the 8th graders!! they may well *NEED* WAR! young souls such as these are often right near the "collective clan level" of Groupthinks, where an insult to one of them *IS* an insult to ALL of them and *MUST* be taken care of

must be:
remenber YOU were once in 8th grade and that in another 10,000 to 30,000 years, they will be where you are at now!!
"kids must play and learn by kinetic physical actions." that will mean 'swords and bombs"!
let them.
oh yes, if Peace can be taught as a Alternative, to them, then *that* is a good act: i am not condoning war...i am saying here that "war" is a stage of childhood, and childhood stages *not* a good thing: either in "childhood" or in the Childhood of a souls's evolution!

so my hat is off to you all new agers, on the stage of graduation, reciieving your deplomas! onward to the Spirit world, forever....

there are Schools, temple associations, in spirit.
once a soul has signed up, as a helper, tis probably for keeps. my school, that i seem to be a helper for....seems to be, from my dreams...the association called..."the man who owns that movie theater, in the movie the "last picture show""! I have had visions already where i have Bonded with Demon-helpers and demon-masters, so that i can work in the lower spirit realms after i die, so to be aiding, in some way, the INCOMING CLASSES, to get their own graduation, some day....the incoming souls, that will be incoming for thousands of years from the lower spirit-realms into the earth plane, to recieve a human soul! In one vision ,i actually was shown that all my "new age friends" were climbing up a spirial path, up a hill, into the higher heavens and that i was *NOT* to go with them!
not my schhol, to go with them!
no wonder i seem to be concerned with the homeless and the dysfunctional: souls who cannot bear to completely incarnate as that first, or so, incarnational life on earth is too too much for them!
so the earthplane *may* be the highest that i will be expereincing, for upteen umpteen years.....[the sun, i read, has 2,000,000,000
more years before it burns out....lots of time for many many souls to go through PS 666!!!
i may be here for a L O N G time!!

[this probably is why i think only in images and NEED to eat lots of meat! and for the very very same reasons why you all do your vegie...newage stuff: following soulpath of your soul!] my path is PHYSICAL, and needs that grounding, as the physical world, here on earth, is the plane of "lightness and spirit", for those souls who come from Below the earth, in vibration!!

SATHYA SAI BABA wa talking, once, to a group of devotees, about the Rama saga....where Avatar Rama was asked by the King of the demons..."how can i get to live in *your* spirit world of light"?
Rama replied..."it is easy: incarnate into the human world and recieve a human soul"!
baba then said, to the listeners....."Yes.....and I brought them all WITH ME, when i incarnated in 1926!!"
[Difficult saying of baba!!!!] just in time to be of age SSS troopers in ww these demons would have been placed already, a few years before baba's birth!! thus baba brought millions and millions of these demons with him, to get a human now read all about them in the paper every day!
[just *another* example of how Masters manipulate and Direct Humanity!!]

so my hat is off, to you all. you want Peace and the rest of the class is not ready yet and may NEED the training of hands on sufferings that only war might bring! you all will leave this realm for good, in one to forty years! when you die. then there will be new kinds of lessons, new ways to live. but as in my "real" high school class of 1960, senior-year, in the Interlaken High school, some of my class took a daily bus over to Cornell University, ithaca, new york, for to take a couple of COLLEGE COURSES while still in 12th grade!
[Interesting! i just recall, now, that i did NOT go with these kids to Cornell!]
yes indeed: college courses whilst still in high school: what a metaphor for what the new age people are doing with their
vegetarianisms...their meditation techniques...their asention-philosphy..."union/peace/bliss....etc...etc....
heaven-courses while still in the body. and they grit their teeth as
two nations engage in war, a war-mind that they have put aside as childish things. some of them, however, do not understand that there are LOTS of "children" that are in this world: their


posted by freestone wilson at 4:39 PM

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