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ONE YEAR TO LIVE-A vision gives me one year to live as of may 13th 2002: this Journal is how I deal with that! one year to live

one year to live
October 26th, A dream event shows me that I will live till late 2011 or early 2012, then I will leave with the rest of much of humanity, at the "END, this dream states"! [a collective massdeath event of some kind, probably!] ---yet another Extension, now living *way* beyond my [apparently] pre-birth setup Life Plan! Stay Tuned!

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Monday, April 28, 2003
9:13 AM
[lets see how this works in Mozilla!]

I may Live another 11 years!!!!!

[1] dream, a dream way back in 1994. a very cold snowy winter, in upstate ny. was now February, a few months after i got out of the hospital. I took near-daily walks out of my small hometown of 600 people, out into the countryside. i walked along Bassette road, often, that family settled along the road, in the early 1800s, owning every house and farm: they are my relatives. there was a "favorite' barn that i admired, and old barn that looked to be built about 1900, a huge huge barn.
Near the end of February, i had a dream about this barn. i stood before it, and noted that i could see a bright light shining through all the cracks in the many many boards that were of the "siding" of this barn.
[the settlers always made their barns with wide cracks between the boards so that air could circulate and dry the hay]. it was as if there were a glowing heavenly light inside of this barn.
i walked under the cellar, under the barn.
instead of beam-pillars supporting the barn, there were GRANDFATHER CLOCKS! and they were not in good condition! i could see 'that the clock's own time was run out, and that when a bit more of decay would occur, that barn will collapse.

the next day, i took my walk along the bassette road. i looked at the barn.
it had COLLAPSED!! snow load got it, the barn was no more!
ouch! dream and "reality" were now the same!
the *next* night, i had another dream about this here barn, the one in my dreams, that dream-barn that was the dream-copy of the now-collapsed barn. above this barn, way way up in the air, floating, was
Sathya Sai baba!! there was an "indication", in the dream, that baba was too too high up for any contact with the "boards" in the barn, the boards that were such that each board was a deceased bassette soul! *now* this here barn had a much much more Importance: an India Living Master is involved!
["whenever you dream of Me, it is Objective, you see Me, "really", and I create it FOR you, the dream"....Baba]

I now know what this all means!
each barnboard is a deceased bassette relative, who died, who was not, in the Christian sense 'saved", or in the Spirit-sense, "connected"!! thus there was not a Direct link to Spirit, for a "unsaved" bassette. The "way" of such souls, maybe 80% of us, 80% of the bassettes, after death, is to slowly slowly Progress upwards in Heavenly levels, but needing the energy and "support" of Living bassette relatives who were still living, on earth. each 'clock" is such an OLD SOUL living bassette relative. in a sense each bassette deceased-soul uses the living life-force, of the living bassettes, to keep awake and to use "him" as a kind of "ladder", a "support" to continue to "live", there in the lower heavens.
ALL families are like this, ALL recently deceased, not-Spirit-connected, people seem, i feel, to need this! this is why prayers to the recently deceased are so good to do!
See, sports fans... "sai baba", to me, Represents the Christ-energy! in my dream, the Christ is 'too high" for the bassettes to reach, and Baba-jesus cannot come down to their level as the souls cannot see the christ, the vibrational difference is too too much! thus a Living-on-earth, bassette who is "christed" is a "link" between christ and these souls: thus he is a clock! a "clock' that supports the barn, supports all the souls of the ancestors who YET cannot reach up to "grab' the hand of Jesus! as the old soul "bassette", has a vibrational presence on all the lower levels of the heavens, up to the christ level of the Celestial, the bassette souls can reach upwards to 'grab' the hand of Jesus, while standing upon the "materiality" of the old-soul living bassette!

I watched this with my 1986 sister, who died in 1986. for the first year, i noted how sometimes she would be "near me", could sense the physical world through me. Dreams, as the years went by, had her climb upwards to higher heaven-levels, but still needing "me".
it was as if i were a ladder, each rung that she was on, as the months and years went by, was a higher level of heaven. but the Ladder, itself, was ME! grounded. but extending up to the level of Christ, himself! if my "ladder' had ceased to be, like i die, then her rungs would cease to be, also, thus she would have taken *much* much longer to get to the Celestial levels!

in 500 years, betcha there are many bassettes! gotta include all the inlaws, the friends, the cousins and nephews and all of that!
100s? 1000s, probably!
[there is another Vision where i SAW them: there *were* thousands and thousands, all in the vicinity of that bassette road!
the telling of *that* experience takes another 4000 words!]

a year later, after my two dreams, the last bassette living on bassette road, went into the nursing home. she died a year or so later: there was a Grand bassette Reunion. It was now Known that no more bassettes will live on bassette road.
no more clocks! that same year, the 'famious" bassette farm, in florida, was sold....
in the vision experience, yet to be written up, i was shown that
I AM TO BE THE CLOCK! the only one left!
as each bassette generation had a cycle of 19 years, since 1907, including my OWN life-cycles, i have a Good Guess as to my Options! i could pray for a life-extension, to make sure that i LIVE the years from my Encounter with the thousands of bassette souls, in 1995, a year after that barn dream. 19 years from 1995. 2014. i will be 73. same as my bassette father and his father lived.

yes, a year later, i was walking along bassette road and i *saw* all these relatives! saw with my Inner Vision, them all, gathered around the last house with a living bassette, on that road: she was due to enter the nursing home in weeks. i actually could HEAR some of them, with "clairaudient" hearing!
..."please oh please help us get free from the material physical world"! [QUOTE!!]

so today i prayed to Spirit to ask for at least 11 more years to live!!

posted by freestone wilson at 9:13 AM

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