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ONE YEAR TO LIVE-A vision gives me one year to live as of may 13th 2002: this Journal is how I deal with that! one year to live

one year to live
October 26th, A dream event shows me that I will live till late 2011 or early 2012, then I will leave with the rest of much of humanity, at the "END, this dream states"! [a collective massdeath event of some kind, probably!] ---yet another Extension, now living *way* beyond my [apparently] pre-birth setup Life Plan! Stay Tuned!

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Tuesday, April 01, 2003
9:58 AM

there. i have Come to a resolution about the war, the Islamic Way....and Bush!! be my final article on the subject, as this short article will say it all!!

...first, a bit of "pity-partying"!!
I have Autism. i cannot think of more than one thing at a time! i cannot even eat with another person, as it is either eat OR talk: not both! i have whole meals on the table, after two hours of talking and listening, to my seatmate!
thus, i fail in "politics' as i can only hone in on a microscopic little one-sided-bit, of a time.

I had a Vision-Dream, once, where i was shown that Spirit gave this "dumming" condition to me, 'to make me suficently dumb"!! i talk about four times as slow as any other person and in any sports i am a secret agent for the other side as i fail utterly in co-ordinations!
...end of pity-party!

i feel bush could be making that mistake in invading, but i feel that he and his advisors have made a even GREATER mistake, a mistake that many writers do not pick up on! this mistake is that "the Iraqian people will welcome democrocy with open arms"!
NO!! they like the Islamic way of law and of life and
our not being Muslim is our problem, not theirs!

I have to go to the very Largest Picture, for this one!
here tis...

the AQUARIAN age rollover!! it is the end of the Pices age and the beginning of the Aq. age! Spirit tells me that many of the old souls, have finished the classes in "high school 666". Graduation is now! in this lifetime....when they eventually die, these old souls, they will never reincarnate again, here on the earth.
As they die, in the next 1 to 40 years, the ratio of "young souls' to "old souls", upon the earth, will change dramaticly! soon, as these old souls do not come back, there will be almost 100% of young souls incarnated upon the planet! in 20 years or less....
Most of the old soul guidence will thus be gone.
[a guide once wrote that when Jesus ascended, he took
many old souls with him, in similar fashion...that is why the dark Ages were so "dark" old souls left, in the west!!]
there will have to be, upon the earth, in the next 10 to 40 years, a Guidence system in place, for very young souls! at that 'age' of soul...probably a system of laws and morals and ethics has to be "external" to the innerness of this soul, as only old souls can readily internalize the Ethical ways, into their inner lives!
Young souls need that TRELIS or ARBOR, for their soulvine to climb up upon!
thus i feel that the Islamic way probably will be the very system for these souls! maybe the SUFI-way...for souls a bit older!
right now....the last thing the old souls are doing, before they die and ascend, is to be sure that they are INDIVIDUALIZED!
[how can one see God, face to face, after death, unless one first has a face!! that face cannot be..."your family's ways...your culture's ways...", it has to be YOU, as an individual! only a "you" can be saved....only a "you" can acheive "enlightenment"!!
Thus, there is a great Last Spasm, of individualisms, in the West, at this time!! naturally this is "rough' on the rest of the world!!
In about 20 to 40 years, as all the old souls die for good, "individualsim" will not anymore be....

this aquarian age cross-over, is, from what i read, *the* major 12,000, or 25,000 year major Graduation Point! this is why THIS time is so Radically stressfull...

we may all, us old souls, we may *NOT* have those "40 years"!! from my own Spirit Dreams and Visions...I see that from "9-11"....onwards, as the old souls die, Spirit may greatly accerate the harvest!

first there will be the
"Spirit Accererated Return [to] Spirit"
Spirit accerlated Return to Spirit. Hong Kong has over 600 cases now, and they find that some people sick can infect 40 or more people: they now fear that doorknobs and telephone hansets can carry the virus that has no cure! PANDEMIC! catchable as the common cold.
a cold that kills!!! and if you survive, you may take over a year to heal and a year before you work again, *if* you can work again!
what kind of economy will we all have if 60% of the workforce cannot work?!

Then there will be more wars. many of them!

then the 50 volcanoes will go off, the tidal waves spring into action, 200, or more, feet of water to every costal city in the world! 2015....a 80% "kill rate" of the people of the earth....
then the Muslim way, or a similar system, will be established, to begin the new age on earth!

at the bookstore, yesterday, i ran into an older man, in the bookstacks. i see him at the coffee counter often on sundays. He laughed very nerviously and "self-put-down". I listened to him begin to "cry in slow motion". no tears, or bawlings...but a sadness near to tears! he was about 70 years old and in Profound


has has Zero come to terms with death, and he is standing right at the tombstone, on his "time's conveyor belt' of life! what could i tell him?? my mysticism?!
he is an "educated" professor, of the "liberal' type!
could i tell him of my visions of heaven?! no!!

there are many many older [and younger] people, out there, who are in death denials!
soon, death will be a companion for us all, all over the world, as things unravel, world-wide, in the next few years: time to Face that tombstone and get to KNOW that it is a door, not a dead end!!

I have had interesting dreams, over the years, sports fans...especially the last year!
i have gone to places, astrally, in the world. meet with people from all cultures, as we all are out of body, to meet, these people and I.
...there were a number of dreams over the last few months, and even last night...where i would go talk with a group of young men in white robes, white robes that they wear while alive, here on earth! the setting is in some Arab/islamic country, a country that is somewhat a desert, but not a desert, completely!
I know not the country. OR what we talk about! be amazing, [and sobering, for ME, if i were to find that these young men belong to the Taliban or to the Muslin
"resurrgence movements"!] we talk as equals, there is not a bit of "enemy-ness' to our talks. whatever it is they believe in...i also believe in it too! but i have no idea what this is, now!!

so that is my 500+ words, on this. Bush is doing a "last act' of the west's drama on "individualism! and of COURSE the "sin" of individualism, to a middle-aged soul, is to spread it to all other people around the world! Imagine; teaching algebra to 2nd graders! they may not be ready for it yet, in their souls!
[let us not ask if "invidualism" is really the right way, at all: too too many words would be needed, from me, to autisticly grapple that one!]
but Bush...and many of US, you and i, will soon be gone
from the west: SARed away, war awayed...or "earthchanges" awayed...and no more earthly incarnations
for us old souls!!


posted by freestone wilson at 9:58 AM

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