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ONE YEAR TO LIVE-A vision gives me one year to live as of may 13th 2002: this Journal is how I deal with that! one year to live

one year to live
October 26th, A dream event shows me that I will live till late 2011 or early 2012, then I will leave with the rest of much of humanity, at the "END, this dream states"! [a collective massdeath event of some kind, probably!] ---yet another Extension, now living *way* beyond my [apparently] pre-birth setup Life Plan! Stay Tuned!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2003
9:19 AM
...someone asked me this question, in a comment box.

> Dear Freestone,

> But, how will your faithful readers know that you
> have indeed passed on from this life?

I wrote to her an answer......
here is my answer.


[i did such a large answer to your question that i will also post it on my weblog, "one year to live"!]

yes a very very good question!

Of course that "one year to live" is a tricky semantic question by itself!! Jesus spent three days in hell before Rising, the Bible says.. from 4 pm Friday until about 6 am Sunday. ex--cuse me, tis *not* three days: it is one day!
...a better example: my grandfather. My aunt, one day, while I was having coffee at her house, she told me that Dad lived until he was 74. But I heard that he died when he was 73. I told her that I was going to walk down to the town cemetery, soon, anyway, and that the next day I would check his stone to read the dates.
I did so, I walked to read the dates: something like
..."born September 20th, 1900"
..."died September 15th, 1974"

---it *looks* like he died at 74 years of age, but he did NOT! he died when he was 73, as there were still a few days until his 74th birthday!

"one year"
one year from may 13th of 2002. *that* means, by the example above, that the "window" of the Prophecy extends until early may of 2004!!

...and how will you all know that I am Gone?!!!
Of course I could take a train trip to my small hometown where no one has a computer and the town Library is of one room in a house....and I do not post anything for weeks, in my weblogs!
Of course I could be sick in Intensive Care, in the vet hospital, of SARS, soon; there for two months!
Of course all the town Libraries and the university CLOSE for three months, this fall, due to SARS-fears, and I cannot afford a phone or an internet connection, so I post not for three months!!

how would anyone know?!
maybe my friend who will read my will or Journal, will find the internet URLs and the passwords, and he will
click on the sites of my weblogs and be AMAZED. then he will post a "I am SO sorry about his death"....
He does not even know about my Vision, as he has five kids and a Life, a life for the living and there would be NO reason why I should tell him as it would only bother him!
bother him even if he did not belive me, as then my "sanity" would then be called into question, by him!
and *if* he believed me, why he then would have to live with Mr Death, each and every time that he saw me: I would NOT want to put him through such a thing!

my mother, when she had her vision that she would die in ten years when that red sports car would come into her lane at dusk [that was the literal prophecy],
she told only her husband and I only learned about her Vision after he, himself, was in the hospital, years later, about ten years after she was killed at dusk when a red sports car crossed over into her lane!

too, she was told that my father would die at 72, but Grace came in, gave to him one more year, so that he could make amends with his son, me! died at 73.
so I *could* have an extension too! a year?
ten years? ????? or until I am 73, like my father and my grandfather!
Dreams have it, back in the spring of 1998, that I was to die late in *that* year, but the last dream, in this series of very very "potent" death-prophecy dreams, came after a Pneumonia sickness: dream says that I will live a while longer, apparently that sickness *could* have killed me, but it did not.
An exit point passed.

so will this one pass too?!
at this moment, I wonder....
there is still nearly a year to go, before the "timeline" of that vision is over!
"one year to live"...really means..."up to 23 months to live"!!!

so stay tuned, one and all.....


posted by freestone wilson at 9:19 AM

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