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ONE YEAR TO LIVE-A vision gives me one year to live as of may 13th 2002: this Journal is how I deal with that! one year to live

one year to live
October 26th, A dream event shows me that I will live till late 2011 or early 2012, then I will leave with the rest of much of humanity, at the "END, this dream states"! [a collective massdeath event of some kind, probably!] ---yet another Extension, now living *way* beyond my [apparently] pre-birth setup Life Plan! Stay Tuned!

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Monday, March 01, 2004
10:16 AM

The dream that I had last night, the 1st of march, was....


Yes, last night I had a dream of vast import; not much to it, in terms of story or images....Here it is....The description.

I woke to this dream, where I was standing near a barn, about 20 feet away. There was a large large door, on rollers, shut, and there was a series of numbers on the upper part of this door.
Large numbers...


At the top of the door, I could see two words, each word, or letter-combination, was at the upper corner of the door, and partially covered by this door.
this made the door numbers and the letters look like this:


the next scene was the same numbers, but now I could see that I was standing on the shore of my childhood family cottage shoreline, on Cayuga lake; I could see across the two miles of water to dimly see the other side of the lake. Up in the air, I could see the numbers, but now there was a layer of
fog-like clouds over the number tops and there was a circle that was gold colored, over each number, in the fogcloud, above the number. There was ALSO a circle of gold, in the cloud, in the *next* space over, where there was no corresponding number below.
[a picture is worth a 1000 words!!]

1 7 1 8 1

these circles were gold-colored and dimly visible in the line of clouds.

Then it was as if this dream FROZE! in time!! I seemed to stare at this scene of the numbers in the sky...For a LONG time! Maybe all of ten to thirty minutes! On and on....As if "someone' wanted to burn this picture into my brain and into my memory!

...The next scene....
I was on a street, in a town. Ahead of me, was a wall of a building, like of a large cafe, a wall without windows except for the area near the door. "my" numbers and letters were in black letters, like as if they were sheets of paper pasted upon the wall! numbers and letters [RAQ, QAR, 17181 and gold colored "O"s, on a broad sheet of white paper above the series of "1718" numbers about two feet high, where I was standing about 20 feet back, looking at this wall.
There were about ten people, mostly older ladies and a couple of men, standing near the letters: they were dressed in white robes. The men too! They were laughing and smiling, as they walked out to climb a stepladder, and begun to take down the letters and numbers, and then carried them into the cafe.

I then KNEW, that I was in the Spirit world, and these people were "commissioned" by ???? To bring me there and they did a "theater production" for my benefit! They Imagined FOR ME the barn scene and the lake scene, in reality I was only staring at this wall!
I watched them walk into the building, all a-smiling a laughing, in a very very good mood; very "Upbeat" people, they were. I seemed to overhear several of these souls talk about what they had done for me....They were mumbling, dimly overhead by me...."Now he Knows where he stands"...Wonderful Homecoming"..."His One Year"....

got that, sports fans? Here was a "dream production" made for me, and not only did I experience that "Production", but that I got to see the Actors and Producers, who made it! They created a spirit world scene, created a dream for me: then I saw these actors take down the Props and leave!!

------and the Meaning?!!!

I lay awoke for an hour, after this! Very quiet at 4 am, in the senior tower....
it was very very easy to interpret!
"RAQ...QAR"?! number 18, in the alphabet. number 1 number 17

the two "words" are reversible: thus the numbers are too, and can be ALSO read
to be
...17 1 18
18 1 17 !! numberset is 17 18 1...NOT 17181

OR...according to the Order of the words......

REALLY....17 1 18
18 1 17 !!

In the terms of the letters, if November of 2004 is the END of the timeseries, 18+1+17=36 years ago, the fall of that year, is the Reference start point. *THAT* is when I began "my creative life" after I got out of the Air force
1968, that was.....The fall of 1968.
17 years later, it was 1985, fall of 1985. Between the fall of 1985 to the fall of 1986, that ONE YEAR, in the spring,
I was living with her then: she got up to use her bathroom and she did not come out and the Funeral was next week!

Now...18 years after 1968, the fall of 1986, I had just finished the six months of my sisters estate, and then my father was on his hospital bed, with my mother's prophecy hanging over his head as she
had a dream that told her that he would die at 72, and he turned 72 the month before. But he lived
ONE MORE YEAR, dying at 73, at the very end of that year, in late December.
Dudley was give Grace of one more year to live, as he made amends with me, his son!!
-----thus the "A", the "1" infers a year of dying, for my sister and for my father!!!

In the numbers themselves, hanging in the sky over the lake, the "1" is at the END of the series...
."17 18 1"
"1" the "year of dying, during or at the end of that "1" [year]!
there is a gold "SOUL MARKER" in the "heaven level", the foggy band, for each CORRESPONDING earthly number series, in my lifetime, since 1968.
From this vision, sports fans, it is clear to me, that this 2003 year of the "1"*THIS* year, fall of 2003 to fall, early winter, of 2004....Is my "1" number, the number of
"an extension, the year that I will DIE in/at the end of"!

the next year...2005 january to december, is the year with a GOLD HEAVENLY SOUL CIRCLE, but NO corresponding earthly number to go with it, as I will no longer have a body then, here on earth: life commences in the Spirit sphere!!!!

Coming HOME!

----that is what these Actors have shown to me, on march 1st! I am half-way-way through my "year", my "1"
*IF* I were to die, around Christmas 2004, like of my father, that would be at the end of the "1" year, according to my Dream!
november 18 years from the nov 1985 date, that my sister had six more months to live!
november 17 years from the Nov 1986 date, that my father had one more year to live in!

---Perhaps I better PAY ATTENTION to my november 1st dream, of last November, where that lady Conductor, on the train, just as i got off; she told me...."You, freestone, have a year: GET READY!!


posted by freestone wilson at 10:16 AM

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