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ONE YEAR TO LIVE-A vision gives me one year to live as of may 13th 2002: this Journal is how I deal with that! one year to live

one year to live
October 26th, A dream event shows me that I will live till late 2011 or early 2012, then I will leave with the rest of much of humanity, at the "END, this dream states"! [a collective massdeath event of some kind, probably!] ---yet another Extension, now living *way* beyond my [apparently] pre-birth setup Life Plan! Stay Tuned!

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Wednesday, March 31, 2004
10:31 AM
Interesting things go on, over the days....Dreams, experiences.....That give to me some "hope", if I call it that, that
there is Conflict in the spirit world, over when I will come there to live!!

Life patterns, of many people, are set up before they are born, by themselves or with the help of Guides: these patterns can be overwritten, while the life is lived! Overwritten, by the Quality of the life lived, or overwritten by Spirit, by God, "Himself"!

there is an experience from my childhood, that I will write here.....
[In each person's childhood, there is often ONE Experience that is the "defining experience" for the whole life to come, or
perhaps a experience that sets the Tone for the whole life! Often at an early age, but also often at the very end of childhood, just before going off to College, or off to "Adulthood"!]
---this account is of my own such experience.

Summer of 1959, I visited a lake, in Canada, the Canoe trip of the Church youth group. I was 18. About 20 kids, to the minister's own cabin, on the edge of the Wilderness park. Just a week long trip. It was nice.
The next summer, I was getting ready to go off to college, a college that was 1200 miles away from my
very rural childhood home. I was approached by the Minister, early in the summer, for a "special Assignment"...He wanted me to join him, in Canada, that summer, to be a Leader WITH him, to help him lead the boys, the younger boys!
I was excited!!!! This would indeed, this trip, be the Culminating Grand Event, of my childhood, before I went off to FSU and to adulthood!
Mama said "no"!! "you gotta, stony", she says...."You have lots of dentist appointments all set up for the whole summer, thus you cannot go!"!!
I was crestfallen!! I went to reverend Black to tell him and then he suggested that he come down to pay my mother a visit that next day. The next afternoon, reverend came to see Mom, and they talked for over an hour; he trying to budge her from her Stand. NO Budging: she did not relent one inch!!

I told reverend Black, the next time that I saw him...."Even God, himself, cannot change my mother's mind, cannot get me to come to Canada: Mom wins"!!

--reverend maybe had a good trip: I had lots of dentist appointments, that summer.....

Over the years, in my dreams, "Canada" came to represent "heaven", the afterlife.
thus....I could interpret this event *as* like a dream, back even years ago, before I began, in the spring of 1998, to have a great series of "death warning dreams", only to have an actual dream that told me that I have an Extension of time!
Even 15 years ago, I could interpret this "watershed' childhood event AS a dream, and its interpretation is simply this:
---that Guides in heaven "want' me to come help them be "teachers/helpers/"angelic aides", to incoming younger souls, who arrive from earth, unprepared for the afterlife. But they CANNOT "fetch" me, as even God, Himself, cannot fetch me to come "home' to heaven, even
TO DO THE LORD'S MISSIONS that the Christ would have for me to do, there!!!

God and the "death angel-fetchers" cannot do their stuff!!

"Mom" wins!!

---this ???? I do not know! The life-force? My own "radical" higher self, that would Jam up even God!!
the very "earth-force" itself, maybe!

I am 62 now. Maybe I could live to I am 70....80....Or more! There are several men, in my Senior residence, of Georgia belle, who are 83, or so, and are in good health and are active in life!
15 years? Twenty years?......
Probably my "position", that I would have filled, if I had come, in 1998, or even now, to heaven....With the Guides
and angels: would be filled by someone else, just as capable as I, or more so...Just like reverend Black would have found another older youth, to take my place, to help Guide the younger boys, on that great canoe trip!


canoe trip, it turns out, as that cabin burned down, that fall, then reverend moved back to Canada the year after!

So when I get to heaven, the "train would have long looong left", I would indeed stand there alone, on the heavenly platform, at the Gate, perhaps, with NO missions to do: thus that dream that I wrote of, extensively, in my last posting to these journals, about where I would remain in the lower heavens, alone, helping souls advance, ON MY OWN, without being involved in any 'schools" or in any 'formal" angelic order!! They would not like me, probably!!
[once, 15 years ago, I had an astral travel experience where I sat in a room where a teacher was teaching afterlife souls about her method of opening to Spirit. Later I got with the students to tell them that "they do not need the teacher to be with them, to use their own talents: they each can tap into their own Spirit, by themselves with No intermediary need of a "priest/priestess" to do it for them!! This teacher STORMED over to me, in great anger, and physically ATTACKED
me!! She was so angry! I "empowered" each of her students to do it on their own, with her being needed!!
---she chased me all across a field, until I "went down a hole", back into my body!!

My heavenly life will probably be of that..."Empowering individuals" without any need for teachers or "authority"!!
I may NOT be liked by the Guide Associations, thusly!!
stand there, in the lower heavens, and give God himself, a "raspberry tongue" or even "a finger gesture", as "he" tries to tell me what is "good" for the souls around me!!

so.....I might be here for *quite* a while: I intend to now be "a little boy", having now outlived all of my "life-missions!!
nothing more to do....No need to grapple the windmill blades with my Lance, no need to make "political statements"...

I will be ten years old and Play all day long!!

I probably will "close" this "ONE YEAR" weblog soon, but not take it off blogger, as it is tentacles into so many webrings.
I will post most of my daily observations into my "main" weblog at

yes...Be ten years old, for 5...10...20+ years, and Play all day long!!

posted by freestone wilson at 10:31 AM

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