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ONE YEAR TO LIVE-A vision gives me one year to live as of may 13th 2002: this Journal is how I deal with that! one year to live

one year to live
October 26th, A dream event shows me that I will live till late 2011 or early 2012, then I will leave with the rest of much of humanity, at the "END, this dream states"! [a collective massdeath event of some kind, probably!] ---yet another Extension, now living *way* beyond my [apparently] pre-birth setup Life Plan! Stay Tuned!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004
9:10 AM
This earthquake!

This is an "open asking plea", this letter, this article, to Ask if any psychics or prophets have foreseen this event, beforehand, in visions, dreams, or by channeled Guidance?!
--I see psychics all of the time give detailed foreseeing on what a certain movie star will wear, in the latest clothing style, next year, or that maybe the winter will be cold in England, but since this tidal wave is SO immense in "psychic trauma" to the earth and to its people, surely someone has had omens...Premonitions...Or outright visions, for this!! Events such as of this one will cast a "shadow backwards in time", and sensitives may pick it up months and years beforehand!

the earthquake.
--the media keeps saying that it occurred on Sunday, the 26th. That time is repeated like of a mantra, no one realizes that this is "local time"! It occurred on
for most of the west!!
Sunday, December 26, 2004 at 00:58:53 (UTC) - Coordinated Universal Time
[greenwich time, London, england]
Sunday, December 26, 2004 at 07:58:53 AM local time at epicenter
North America:
Saturday, December 25, 2004 at 09:28:53 PM (NST) - Newfoundland Standard (St. John's)
Saturday, December 25, 2004 at 07:58:53 PM (EST) - Eastern Standard (New York, Toronto, Jamaica)
Saturday, December 25, 2004 at 04:58:53 PM (PST) - Pacific Standard (Los Angeles,
so here on the east coast of america this occurred on Christmas day! Even in Europe, much of the Time was still before midnight, still on xmas day!
need I say more?! Do I need to ramble on about "oh how *could* this event happen on the Day of Gifts, and of the day of the Gift of Jesus birth!
[dark ruminations: this event IS a gift, as soon, in months or in a year or so, the living will envy the dead, all over the world!!]

this here "redwood tree" surely must have cast a shadow back in Time?!

for instance:
---in the town seat in the county next to Tallahassee, is the town library. On the wall of this library is a mural painted by the high school kids. The mural depicts the trade center event of 9-11. They got it right, the burning towers, the airplanes.....But hey, I found a internet copy of the article, so here it is, in full...
Posted Oct 10.01

Workers Say Kids Mural Eerily Prophetic
[Original headline: Children's mural seems to contain prophecy]
Jimmy DeVane walks right past it about a half-dozen times a day on his way in and out of the emergency management division at the Gadsden County Sheriff's Department.

He's often noticed those beautiful bold colors that tell funny stories about children's nursery rhymes in the mural on the wall at the local public library. Both the sheriff's department and the library share the same building.

DeVane said he always thought that work of art was eye-catching. But DeVane never thought it was eerie, until he took a closer look a few days ago.

"Now that's pretty darn distinctive don't you think?" DeVane asked. "I've come by here for years . . . and little did I realize what the value of this would be some day."

Scared looking at it
Other workers in the building and folks from around the Quincy community have been strolling by to take a gander at what's being called a haunting, almost prophetic section of the children's mural. To some onlookers it appears to be a depiction of the World Trade Center towers. Look closely and you'll find a jet plane that appears to be approaching the buildings.

"It looks just like the World Trade Center used to look to me," said Rose Wilson, a county maintenance worker. "It made me scared when I looked at it a few days ago, and it makes me scared looking at it right now!"

Faces of people peer through the windows. Some appear to be leaping from the buildings. There's also what looks like a little demon with a pitchfork standing next to the first tower just below the jet.

"Look at that! It's almost the exact pictorial replica of the jet that crashed into the first tower that day," DeVane pointed out.

Expressing themselves
Some bystanders say what's really spooky about the mural is when they realize that children from the community actually painted it five years ago. County librarian Jean Mock remembers when the kids started turning the concrete canvas into their work of art in 1996.

"The children did this after reading a series of books. They were basically expressing themselves in response to what they read ," Mock recalled. "Lately, some people said they found that part of the mural unsettling, but it's not that way to me at all. To me, it looks like it could be part of a story about King Kong."

Most of the children involved in the mural project have since graduated high school; some have relocated to other cities.

What were they thinking?
DeVane still believes the vivid imaginations of children might have turned out to be a vision.

But "this" is what makes art so awesome to Mock.

"There's no way to tell what those children were thinking that day the mural was painted," she said. "That's what makes art so great. Beauty, as they say, is in the eyes of the beholder, and there are no definitive answers."

? Story originally published by:
Tallahassee Democrat FL / | Carmen Cummings - Oct 06.01

All Copyrights© are acknowledged.

there. An example of this, surely the psychics amongst you all have had, or know of someone, who have had similar 9-11 experiences!

and this Wave event is not over yet! Not counting aftershocks, there are the other "horsemen of the apocalypse" to contend with: starvation, disease, war/looting
for food and shelter....etc
[lets not even begin to wonder about 900 miles of coastline where *every*
boat is ruined, who is going to fish for food?! Or...Whether this event is the "perfect storm event" to ignite the 60% kill-rate bird flu DNA recombination to make it as catchible as the common cold, all over the world...Soon, soon!!]
In other words, I am talking of 100,000 killed...Maybe 300,000 killed, by the middle of summer.

I am calling for anyone who has had, or know where to find, a Prophecy, a Seeing, of this tidal wave event. Please comment, post, or come find my mail address on the personal section, or on my weblog, if yahoo removes it...

please post your prophecy in reply....
"my life after near death experiences"

I apologize for the posting to several lists, journals, in one post, as I type only 5 words per minute and this article I want to do only ONCE!!

yes, the Tabloid magazines are filled with prophecies of the coming year to be, around this time of year, Dec 29th. Nearly ALL of them turn out to be very very wrong.

one more Condensed story....


hello everyone......Due to "popular request" for my
telling, of this here experience of mine...I think
that I had better re-write it...So here it is!

In 1975, I was spending my summer at my lakeside
cottage, and today, in the Indian summer of early
October, I was sitting on my small porch, with
aftersupper coffee in hand, the Lake was so nicely
still. I could see my next door neighbor walking over
to my cottage.
She had a message for me[I had no phone].
"your mother was just killed in an auto accident"!!

my mother was returning from a trip, that evening, in
October, and the red sports car came into her lane at
120 mph!!...At dusk.

My father and Mother were born next door to where they
now lived...And they got my childhood home in 1938.
after this accident, my father still lived there.
so here was 150 years of Tradition...GONE......
It was too too much for my father...He went over the
edge of sanity...35 years of marriage, and now
he could not even cook for himself...He would burn
water if he tried to cook it!! When he went to the
nursing home for the last time, his friend found only
half a hot dog and a potato in the refridgerator!
Dudley blamed it all, on me: the accident...The
my social work master's degree sister...Spoke of
"Psychosis" and "nervous breakdown"!!
Dudley threatened to shoot me with his shotgun, if he
ever saw me around my home town!!

years went by......
I stayed away...Oh, I forgave him for his pain...But
he had to make the first move, in order for me to ever
see him again!
around 1983, Dudley began to have a series of heart
attacks, and nearly died.
At this time, my Aunt[His sister] sent to me some
clippings from the local paper...He was now a writer!!
he put in articles every week.
It was quite apparent that he had some type of
Spiritual Conversion experience, as he now wrote of
"angels, spirits, relatives-in-spirit" who would visit
him, all the time. He even wrote of seeing Jesus!!

In 1986, he lay again in Intensive Care..After yet
another heart attack...He asked my aunt for me...That
he wanted to see and talk to me!!
I drove right up, a 1200 mile trip!!

So I saw him nearly every day...For a year! His face
glowed with joy, everytime that I walked into the
room...Of the hospital or the nursing home!
all was forgiven...The several years of living that
spiritual life had softened his heart...
I would sit with him for twenty minutes and tell him
of my own out of body experiences where I went to see
heaven[many of them I have on file and have
posted!]....The nurses and other patients would gather

On day....While talking to a friend of Dudley's, back
in Interlaken; this friend says to me,
"you know, don't ya, Stoney, about your mother's
--and, NO, I did NOT!!
so this person told me the story of my mother's
dream...A dream story that I had never heard, ever,
My mother, folks, dreamed, about ten years before her
death....That "within ten years...She would be killed
in a car accident, at dusk, with a red sports car
coming into her lane: but that Dudley would live until
he was 72 years of age"!!

No wonder, as I knew her, before she died, that she
was always very afraid to drive at dusk!!

It was now late November of 1986. Dudley had turned 72
on October 12th!! I came up from Florida to see him
in the Intensive care unit, after a massive heart
attack...Around the end of October: he nearly died
from this attack!
and he had yet another near-death heart attack in the
middle of November!
Obvious that Mom was quite right!!! Dudley was near
death and he could have died from either heart attack:
surely the next one will do him in...And there are ten
months to go before he turns 73!

so I remained with my aunt for about a year, seeing my
father nearly every day...I was always amazed how full
of light his face was, everytime that I saw him, much
more lit up with light than any other "old man" that I
have ever seen, before, or since!!
He died on Christmas day of 1987, walking down the
hall of the nursing home, fell over dead...In a
moment, gone.
He was 73. Two months into 73!

he lived a year and two months beyond his 72nd
birthday: was mom then WRONG in the exact date?!


For I saw,Intuitively, that mom's Seeing was right:
but that Spirit stepped in and gave to Dudley an
EXTENSION of one year, so that he could make amends
with his Son!
ha would indeed have died in one of those two heart
attacks in October/November, of 1986, at 72 years of
age, if Spirit did not intervene!
Due to his Senility, it would really take that whole
year, in twenty to sixty minute near-daily increments,
for the forgiveness to "take" into his brain!
and so----Dudley was given a Gift of one year, to make
forgiveness with his Son...And he died on the DAY of
Gifts, as a sign that his gift was for real...Where it
was the Day that Jesus was born in order to give us
ALL the Gift of Eternal life in Him, if we only were
to ASK, first!!

so my Mother was a Prophetess. She tried to put down all of those
"tabloid paper psychics", as if she could prove them wrong, she might have her OWN Vision to be proved to be wrong, but no....Her vision must have come from an "impeachable source"!

so I wonder how many tidal wave visions, dreams, premonitions, and signs, are out there?!

thank you...
freestone wilson

posted by freestone wilson at 9:10 AM

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