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ONE YEAR TO LIVE-A vision gives me one year to live as of may 13th 2002: this Journal is how I deal with that! one year to live

one year to live
October 26th, A dream event shows me that I will live till late 2011 or early 2012, then I will leave with the rest of much of humanity, at the "END, this dream states"! [a collective massdeath event of some kind, probably!] ---yet another Extension, now living *way* beyond my [apparently] pre-birth setup Life Plan! Stay Tuned!

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Monday, May 09, 2005
11:55 AM
A series of astral travels where i am taken by guides to see places on heaven and earth, and of the Great Outpouring of spirit, soon, upon the earth!!

---A dream from my other files, from a while ago!

....Oh what Interesting astral travel, OBE, dreams I
had last night!!
*that*, sports fans...Is the Understatement of the

Yes, I am amazed at my dream experiences. Only I do
not call these experiences dreams as they are
Experiences. There were several last night.
.....A Guide appeared to me and this guide wanted to
show to me how
sleeping people are guided into having OBE
experiences, to see astrally the earthplane and to see
heavenworlds too!
The two of us then went out of the astral heavens to a
lady's house, on earth, where she was sleeping and shortly
thereafter, the three of us were floating twenty feet
above the road in front of her rural home. I went,
with her upwards several hundred feet and then I saw
what she saw: she peered upwards at the glowing stars,
but what became apparent was, as if she were
peering DOWN onto earth's landscape from about 500
feet. But the land that she saw was not her earth home, it
was a land in Heaven!
Instead of stars she saw hundreds of dwellings and
forests and fields, of heavenland!! My guide then
told me..."Now that she has seen that heaven is
real.....Lets hope she remembers this upon
awakening we ought to give to her a Memory that she can recall, later, after she awakes.

[If she can remember this dream that is NOT a dream, of heaven, she could
then, in her life, always know that she will go to heaven after
she dies, and then not be so caught up in the identification with the material world's values!]

then we both
hit her head real hard with our hands so that she, while yet asleep and dreaming,
she then could actually feel the blows and thus she would wake
up: my guide was afraid that if she kept on sleeping,
she would awaken in the morning and not remember this
experience of experiences!
thus we both hit her and she woke up, this dream now
burned into her memory!

...My next out of body dream scene. The two of us, guide and myself,
were somewheres in the state of Texas, by a lake,
the guide showing me a ruins, in a field, of some
sect's camp. It was obvious, to me, that this place, this burnt out place,
was once a religious "camp" of some kind [Koresh/Branch davidrarians-Waco??!] then both of us
flew eastwards over the wooded, fielded, landscape
to....A black couple, in their home, somewheres in
Louisiana! The black man wanted to keep looking for
work in the oil fields and she wanted to go home to
mother, east
of the river: they were about to split, we listened
to the arguments: this marriage will not work!

.....Next scene. A man in a lab somewheres, we
talked about how the material that he is working with
is....Speakers for a sound system...A copy of the
earth's speakers but made of a different material than
of the physical. [this place is in the afterlife. Probably a lab for making
speakers for audio systems that exist *in* heaven.
yes, stereo and computers in the afterlife!!].
inference: that speakers exist in heaven, probably
computers and the internet too!! They may not look
like the earthly counterparts, but serve the same

...Next scene. An amazing place, looked like a large
"church social meeting hall with dining tables filling
the hall": all the 100+
tables had white tablecloths, with dishes and food.
then, many many people came in and sat down to eat
and to socialize. It became apparent soon that me and
my guide were at some large social gathering of
MEDIUMS! Most were women, and nearly all were heavy
and weighed about 200 pounds each, if they were people
of earth: but they were residents of a heavenrealm so
that weight does not matter! This meeting was in one of the heavenworlds.
[there is food in the afterlife!]

[once a pyschic at a
camp in new York state told me that this is so, that
most psychics and mediums are a bit
heavy..."Overweight" as the more body cells that one
has, the more astral ectoplasim spirit matter can be
generated by their bodies so to connect with the
spirit world with!] I sat at the very back end
table, at the very very left end, in the experience of the 100 tables, above. I sat there perhaps as I was
"new", or perhaps that all the mediums were RESIDENTS
of heavenworld and I was not! The lady to my
immediate right was a 250 pound black "mamie"...She
had about ten small "babies" all around her, in the
air, floating in the air! She must either be a
"mother" in another place, in spirit, where the babies go
if they die, on earth, very young, *as* a baby, or that she oversees a bunch
of babies on earth, as a guide, and these
babies around her are the astral projections of her charges, sleeping
in various cribs, in homes, on the earth!

.......Next scene. A more or less "formal"
meeting between me, my guide, and a group of people
from this medium meeting. These were the leaders of
this group of people. All of them wore white robes
that had a faint but distinctive tinge of green to the
color, a certain type of green that I have seen before
in books of spirits, a green that means..."Healers of
our talk?
it was about how I am Joining with them, becoming one
of the members of this group. There was inference
that the Purpose of this group, one group amongst
many similar groups, in heaven,....Was to have
each member go to the earthplane, in spirit, to be
Guides to living people, one on one. They talked of a
Great Oncoming Event, here on earth, in a year or
three, an event that could be much like the PENTECOST
a few weeks after Jesus's death, where the Pentecostal
"dove" descends, spirit outpours down upon the
earthsphere and heaven and earth become *very* very
the earth's people will have a huge spiritual revival
and the New Religion will be a "Spiritualist" religion
where everyone will have a direct perception of spirit
and their own connections with spirit. There will be
guides for each person.
"a few months to a year or so, from now"...I had the
feeling. However "time" has a different flow in heaven, so
that "one year" in heaven, could be ten years here on earth!!

so from what I have overheard, sports fans.....In my
being with these souls, that there will be very very
soon, maybe in a year, maybe in ten years...This great
GREAT outpouring of spirit upon the earth and vast
numbers of guides will contact the earthpeoples. It
will be like that great outpouring of spirit upon the
disciples shortly after Jesus ascended, and the Gifts
of spirit were given. To each person, though, not
like of a whole church or nation. Each person will
have the Awakening of his soul into constant communion
with Spirit, spirits, and the spirit world, *while*
living on earth!!

posted by freestone wilson at 11:55 AM

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