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ONE YEAR TO LIVE-A vision gives me one year to live as of may 13th 2002: this Journal is how I deal with that! one year to live

one year to live
October 26th, A dream event shows me that I will live till late 2011 or early 2012, then I will leave with the rest of much of humanity, at the "END, this dream states"! [a collective massdeath event of some kind, probably!] ---yet another Extension, now living *way* beyond my [apparently] pre-birth setup Life Plan! Stay Tuned!

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Monday, June 27, 2005
9:20 AM

Well, last night I went to one of the Hell Worlds, in one of my out of body dreams!!

---I seemed to be a resident there, as if I were "being" one of the fairly newcomers there. I roamed about a place of rolling hills and open countryside, peppered with many large buildings of a some what "classical" 1880 vintage, mixed with newer buildings. The open air fields seemed to be often full of people milling about, and the insides of the buildings seemed to have the connotation and the feeling of a
collage fraternity about 10am on a Sunday morning after the Saturday evening party
has been going on too too long! I saw one open field, next to such a "bar" where all of the people looked coarse and rude. Ugly faces and scars bloodcovered.
I found that I had a room to myself, with a key no less. A room about eight foot long and maybe just four feet wide, just enough room to lie down on a small cot. This was next to the bar bathroom, three foot from the bathroom door. The bar, pub, itself, was full of what seemed to be partying young people, but that this party has been going on for ten years! A room full of cynical, angry, despairing people: people who would turn on ya in a moment, to make a sarcastic caustic remark, or worse, whip out a knife and cut ya!! And...A newcomer is at the very *very** bottom of the pecking order and will be abused by all. When you get to be a "seasoned resident" after months and years, you will, of course, then be a bully onto the newcomers!
Someone told me that I was "lucky", as most "rooms" had three or four people crashing together as "roomies".
Tis hard to describe in words the feeling of this place! I knew, in the dream, that tis world was vast in size and all of it had the distinct feeling of the same aura. I eventually stood in an open area with maybe 500 people milling about. The very air was filled with a kind of "introspection", done by people who never ever had given much thought about their lives before they died. They lived, on earth, in the mode of that ever popular tone of..."Slight cynicism, some despair", well covered over with "entertainments" and nice clothes and a nice house with a good paying job.
now all of the Masks were off, the real inner attitudes attracted them to a place where the outer world was a refection of their inner states.
think: Large recreation/exercise area of a large prison.
think: the party has gone on and on, and everyone is still there!
or..."Life's a bitch then you die", then during all of your life you sort of "put down" everything, as you know well enough that anything that you do with your life, OR, that whatever anyone else does with their lives, to makes things better, is just an "inchworm climbing up the wall, of a descending elevator"!
So then you "party as Philosophy"! Party to forget. Drink to forget.
["some people dance to remember, some people dance to forget"!]
Then you die.
Then you awake *here*!

here are some more scenes.
--a basketball game using a head of an animal, well blooded, as a ball.

--a table with a pile of "chits", little plastic cards. I was told that these are scattered at random all over the land, under tables, on the ground, wherever. These are redeemed at the Clinic, to heal the scratches, cuts, or worse. [used instead of money]. One gets hurt a LOT, here! Mostly from other people.

--As I stood in one field for a minute, I saw some lady hurl at me shards of broken glass! I ran away. The lady began to follow me. I ran through very complicated alleyways and then I came to a dead end, around a corner, so that I turned to face her as she came around. She did! She with glass in her hands, followed me very thoughly! NOW I confronted her!
Funny....She looked to be about three feet tall, ugly. Deformed, a "little bitch" of a woman. However, once in a while her face metamorphosed into the pretty face that she wore while living on earth. Then back to "now".
She then told me that she worked for the "corporation" [or the "association", I heard that phrase too ]. She has been here for quite a while. So she joined them.
her job was to toss this glass at anyone who stopped to think, out in the fields, "gotta keep moving" she says. She joined up with them: "gotta survive, the name of the game"!
[this place is Ruled. The "corporation" or the "association" rules. Probably Elder Demons, not human! They are not often seen, as most of the "CEOs" are powerful negative human souls who have been here for a long long time]
I take it that most of the "unredeemable" residents, the people who are there for
awhile, join up with the "management" to become Bullies of the new and of the weak!
Think: your average penitentiary prison!

[ I *hope* that people eventually leave here, but of course this merely depends upon whether they can change their inner attitudes first!]

what a sight, this open field with 500 people! They all looked as if they looked like their "sins"! Ugly. Sick.
the air itself looked a bit like of a city on a "bad air day"!
Lets not talk about the vibes and aura of this field! Your average CEO party, about 5 am in the morning. Think that.

there is that painter,
Hieronymus Bosch. Think of what he painted! Then place about 500 people in his garden of Delights.

I have a very very good analogy for summing up this place: think of the Tone and of the Aura, of all of the talk shows and comedy monologues that you have ever heard, on tv and on radio,all rolled up into one Tone. Then make a world that has this Tone run through *everything*, the buildings, the rooms, the Hosts, the dwellers, the very air and vegetation! And..Have this Tone be the only Tone there is!
then live for years and years and years in it!

yes, new agers, there are Hells. [many new ager prophets and seerers say that there are no hells]. I Know! I have been there and have experienced otherwise!
This is not, by any means, the first one I have been to! It will not be my last.
do not listen to these new agers, they do not know. They have not seen and experienced, first hand!

my advice: live today, inside of you, in any way that is NOT like the hells, then you will not live here after you die, as the people who live here now, have lived here long LONG before they died!


posted by freestone wilson at 9:20 AM

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