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ONE YEAR TO LIVE-A vision gives me one year to live as of may 13th 2002: this Journal is how I deal with that! one year to live

one year to live
October 26th, A dream event shows me that I will live till late 2011 or early 2012, then I will leave with the rest of much of humanity, at the "END, this dream states"! [a collective massdeath event of some kind, probably!] ---yet another Extension, now living *way* beyond my [apparently] pre-birth setup Life Plan! Stay Tuned!

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Friday, August 26, 2005
9:35 AM
Hi all....


a Dream. Another Dream.

[maybe you wonder why I did not place this in the "dreams" section, but
I feel that this event should be in the Prophecies section as I see it *as*
a prophecy, for reasons evident later....]

Yes another dream of going to a afterlife realm in hell. The residents did not call it this term, but surely no Christian would want to spend one minute there!

I find describing my hours and hours there very difficult to describe, between the usual "fogginess" of dream recall and the scenery there, which has little counterpart in our world.

[again I "was someone else", in this dream, as if I am able to "hitchhike" onto someone's soul, or to use the content of his memories as my own.
if I can do this with the Living, of course I can do this with someone after he dies!]

"I" begin this event, I awake, or rather I find myself wandering around this semi-rural sprawled out city. As if my "charge" has been wandering around for hours, and I just arrive into his awareness.

the Tone of all of what I do, here , in this place, is of this:

either dark nightlike skies, or a daylight sky that is "lurid", a funny
yellow or green or something other than blue. Mostly night time, with some light.
Think "gang turf", where one might feel that one just got out of the cab onto a street where gangs rule, in a ruined part of the worst part of Los Angeles. Half the people are insane. The others have aligned with the gangs, joined up. Many of the groups have "power" as their focus, as there is no money here, so that personal power or group power IS the currency!
I find that I do have a place to live, but the room or two that I have, is filled with junk. Think: the hoarder little old lady who obsessive/compulsive saves everything for ten years!

I my wanderings, a very *very* charsmic black man comes up to me and
tickles me on my elbow and asks me "how about having Some, Now?"!
I turn to look, he is very charismic, he would cause a homo to swoon for sure, and even the straight guy too! I tell him, "later, I am busy".
since there are no drugs here, they cannot work, like alcohol cannot work, either; I leave it to you imagination as to what he offers! I never found out.

In another group of people, I found out that one way that someone would be able to function "better", here, is to have a kind of sexual union where energy, astral, is exchanged.

I wandered for hours and hours and hours, across a rural, but populated,
world. There was one house that was completely underground. There
were gangs of people who stood in one spot and yelled torments to me.
there was an apartment over some street row of buildings where the lady in it "serviced" other people, by some Lesbian-type of act.

there were several groups that seemed to be "circus performers", only their performance was of being like of sorcerers or magicians, only these magics had nothing to do with pulling rabbits out of hats, there were the real Magics of old, usually for the control and overpowering of other people to have them do their bidding!

there were no Libraries or churches here thank you!

the "money" here, seemed to be personal favors and favors returned, power and control and being the biggest boy, or group, on the block!

On and on I wandered, the dream only ended when I left my "horse", my person that I was "with", and woke up, he, no doubt, kept wandering on and on....



I have been here before. Often. Not to be with the same person, probably. Not in this exact place, in this vast world of many many sub-levels.

why me?
probably because I have been Spirit-told that I will be some kind of helper for healing after I die and I will not be limited to living in one heaven realm. I have to, here on earth, to be "bonded" to be able to enter these worlds, as if I have the dream experience here on earth, I will be able to enter these realms after I die!

Too, I live in a "dangerous" part of the country, a place where the astral veil is *VERY* thin! The Big bend of Florida, where the water all runs underground and the subtropical foliage is very very lush!
Think: Spanish moss thickly draped over the trees, the magnolias in bloom, perfume so strong that it is a drug, the full moon is out, and one is taking all of this in, standing in an old southern Graveyard!

the barrier between the conscious and subconscious mind is very thin here. This is one reason why I see many of the southerners to be very "partitioned" and conservative and fundamentalist, as they Know, but do not ever say it, that down in their lower Mind, is all of the Stuff
that Romance novels and fantasy novels and horror short stories are made of!! All of it, from homo/lesbos lovers, to relationships with *every* pretty woman/man that they meet, married or not, to sexual acts unimaginable, to revenge to ALL acts committed to them, throughout their lives...etc...etc...every negative and positive act, thought, feeling, that a human being is capable of!
All of this is so close to the surface, that many men wear suits and ties all day long and belong to the Baptist church, and live in their upper floors of their house only and never ever go down in the basement!
"denial", utterly, so that they can actually LIVE their lives!

so why is this dream account in the prophecy section?! You all should have guessed by now! A preview of coming attractions, for after you DIE, of course!!

Your future.

since everyone has within them all of humanities creative forces and all of humanities thoughts and feelings, all of "this" is down there in your basement, and it Goes With You, so that one awakes IN IT after one dies!
However, one will not live there long, only "visit" if one is "good", if one has more to their soul than is what Counts for Currency in this huge realm.
Alas, "not live there long" could well mean 5,000 years, compared to infinity and eternity of the higher heavens! 5,000 years will seem "forever", but only for a moment in light of eternity!

I am *not* a Bible-thumper"! And, these dreams bear no message of warnings as to what happens to "sinners'.
I only experience.
there is no flavor of condemnation here, in my dreams: I just see things happen in a world , a world that many many will spend time in after they die.
[there was one such dream-trip, about a month ago, where
I went to a place where I saw something utterly strange.
here is what I saw.....


IN the Hell panel of The Garden of Earthly Delights, Bosch expresses his ideas on just that, Hell. On the right towards the bottom, a birdlike creature sits and swallows a man. Is this Satan? Or perhaps could this be the keeper of the gates of Hell? As the people that are swallowed by this creature are digested, they fall down into a hole in the ground. Is it possible that the hole itself is Hell? Perhaps the rest of the painting is an area where souls get judged and the ultimate punishment is being eaten by the birdlike creature. We can merely speculate.

BOSCH's symbolism and ideas float further and further away as the time period stretches between his life and the present. As time passes, his symbols become harder to decipher and his ideas become harder to grasp because there is simply no way to relate. However, time cannot diminish the talent and unique vision of Bosch.

I was there. I am now convinced Bosch was there too, in an astral travel!
the only difference between my "garden of delights", and his, is that the people in mine were "modern", I was seeing the Garden of my times, whereas Bosch, of course, was seeing this place as to his times!]

Yes, I was in Bosch's Garden of delights, for real, it exists!

Thus, I do not bear any "warning messages", just that I saw a place that
many many will go to live in some day. A fact. A place. If anyone has had, in any moment in their lives, have had a thought or feeling or urge, that corresponds to this realm, they now have a Ticket of Admission, and will attend this Event for awhile! No one escapes.
"for we all have sinned", the Owner's manual says....

You could do far far worse than to get down on your knees and Repent and accept Jesus as your savior NOW, and then live the rest of your life as a Puritan Fundamentalist, to make this visit *real* short!!

That would Work!

[maybe another way would too, like Mohammadism or the N A Indian way, or Hinduism...etc.....another Path.]

Maybe another way would be to go down in your cellar and open up all your boxes and bring them all up to the sunlight and accept *every*
thing in them as your own and deal with this stuff, either live it out in the world, or Transcend it so that you have no lessons to need to be learned
in the hellworlds!

I am not going to, in any further dream accounts, warn of Consequences.
I will just report, like of maybe the weather Channel, I will be a "live reporter standing in the hurricane of a hellworld, reporting some of the scenery and of the events there! It will be up to YOU to do anything about what I experience there!


posted by freestone wilson at 9:35 AM

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