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ONE YEAR TO LIVE-A vision gives me one year to live as of may 13th 2002: this Journal is how I deal with that! one year to live

one year to live
October 26th, A dream event shows me that I will live till late 2011 or early 2012, then I will leave with the rest of much of humanity, at the "END, this dream states"! [a collective massdeath event of some kind, probably!] ---yet another Extension, now living *way* beyond my [apparently] pre-birth setup Life Plan! Stay Tuned!

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Thursday, August 18, 2005
9:37 AM
--a letter to someone about the older generation. I live at Georgia belle apartments, a "independent living facility" for those over 62 years of age. He sympathized about me having to "grief counsel" someone who just lost his wife after 60 years of marriage, and now he is alone, in an apartment full of her memories!

[QUOTE]Hello freestone :) Saw your post on ...... [forum]

I too live in a Residency but its for the Disabled.Its called GEEL and its goal is to make people with disabilities fit into a normal safe environment so they may live full and productive lives.There are different stages and through the compassion and help of GEEL and my fellow clients I was able to get to the level of having my own apartment again in a beautiful safe neighborhood.


thanks xxxxx

actually I like to help people, but I have to create boundaries too, I know that. I help him with his computer and talk a bit, about once per week, maybe.

There is a DOUBLE generation gap, I see.

one, the usual one.
two, the great divide between the people pre WW II and the 60s! Baby boomers vs the ww II vets.

the vets?
to follow orders given by authority one trusts, and to change is a sign of weakness, you broke before you bent!
the Korean war brainwashings of the prisoners was the beginning of change.
and the people who stayed home worked in the defense industries and put *everything* before one's self!
home family, country came first, you came dead last.

FASCISM was the way even this country was.

now today many of these old people are Lost, no rudder, no sail, no wheel, no compass, like that older lady in the caferteria line who lost her husband and the plenitude of choices utterly bewildered her, there was no "Eisenhower" to tell her what to order.

so these older generation saved civilization for us all, the younger generations.

now all of these people are facing the Tombstone, the ambulance will come for them some day.

another Tip,xxxx!

do not give to your father your old cast off computer, ye younger generation, that old 64meg ram 2.1 gig hard drive
with all your Stuff, and errors, still on it, then sign him up for AOL!

here this man I helped did not even know how to open his mail, he expected that when AOL mail comes up, his letters all do too!
"right click"??? Almost beyond him!!
open an attachment?? Way way beyond him.

"cut and paste"?
utter Sorcery, beyond mental comprehension, as the original
IS the Thing, how could a copy of text be the same thing as it is a copy??!

---now this man who had all of these problems, that I helped, was
who taught business and psychology and was a bomber pilot in ww II and flew private planes as a hobby until he could not pass the physicals anymore!!!!!!!!

"!!!!!!" indeed, I cannot empethis this enough:
that the older generation is like, with computers, like the
group of Brazil primitive Indians who had their picture taken with the Polaroid camera and they could not see their own image or the hut that they stood in front of! They could not begin to see two dimensional images!

this man I helped is about 80 and NOT senile, not Alzeimers!
He is just the older generation!! This same man wanted me, once, to go to the Lab internet computer to check his mail, as I helped him establish a yahoo mail account up there on it.
I asked him about why he could not get it on his own computer in his room?

bewildered looks, he gave me!
---come to find out, he thought that the mail is *IN* the computer that he signed up on, thus if he signed up for yahoo mail, he must read it there on *that* machine!

there was another intelligent lady, in her late 60s, who told me that she would *NEVER EVER* have a computer!
"why" I asked....

she told me, then, that "every single relative of mine has a computer and IF I were to get one, I will never ever ever get a real letter again as they will all send everything by e-mail"!
I had to agree with her: she is utterly right, there is something about a real envelope with real paper and real handwriting, that is something MORE than email, especially for that older generation!

I was born in the baby bust time, 1941, I have a foot in two worlds, so that I see the advantages and the disadvantages, in both generations!

yes, I see, for the men, the wife WAS their heart, often only the wives did the Feeling for them, just as the man did the thinkings for his wife!

there are several men, here in Georgia belle, who I never ever "finish" a conversation with! I have to tear away in a mid-sentence as they are *quite* capable of a six hour
"talk", and I do none of it, at Every opportunity that these men start a conversation with me!
they would tell me of their whole lives, if I gave to them a whole day!

I am not that far from the Tombstone, my self, at 64, I feel compassion for these people, but there is little that I can actually DO for them. In the end, each of us has to face that Tombstone alone, and the Dialogue with it consists of our lives.
If one faces It, I see, in bitterness and anger, then I notice that the whole of that person's life was of anger and bitterness. I knew a man, once, in his late 80s who *ALWAYS* clinched his fist in anger at *everyone* that he met, and he held the garbage in his apartment to spite the landlady and would not ever let even the landlady into his apartment. I later met a distant relative of his and he told me that he was like that all of his life!

then there was that railroad engineer who always was depressed. A rainy day for him always. Here, see, is a
literal-thinking, objective man, who would have been *the* person to have near you when your car broke down: now he faces his tombstone and he cannot grasp what heaven is like, or of what the Soul consists of, and no one can tell him, even a psychic or mystic, as he never had the language of the heart or of the soul, for this.

many older women talk mostly about their diseases too.
for hours. And of all of their friends sickness too. Yes, they have lots of them too, many go to their doctors several times a week.
There are at least 2 people, in Georgia belle, who take TWENTY PILLS
each morning, and that is just the morning's swallow!

then there are the men who do not look at the sports as they pick up the morning paper, they go right to the Real Important Stuff, the obituary section! To see what person
they know has died, of course!

I actually saw, once, a nursing home that sat right across the street from a large cemetery! All of everyone could very well see the tombstones.

there was another man I knew who had enough anger in him to power the city for an hour if he stuck his finger in the electric socket plug! Why?
he worked hard all of his life, the farm in Georgia 1932, the war industries, etc...etc...
he had to put all of his dreams into a box and put them into his attic, his family, country, town, relatives, came first.
Nowadays, he sees the younger generation dancing the dances that he never ever could do, the "self-aculizational movements", and all of that. He sees them all living their dreams that he could never do, and his Anger??
His anger is that he is


to do this dancing and living their dreams through welfare!!

He sees them on food stamps, SSI, welfare, government programs of aid and help: all of that came and comes from his taxes and work social security payments.
I indeed passed up a Easter dinner, and I indeed let him talk non-stop for the "real" four hours, but I learned utterly utterly
why the older generation of the pre- WW II times
do not like this younger generation of the hippy age of the!
for they, this younger generation, can now do what was self-denied them of the Great depression days! For these Vets lived up to IDEALS called "civilization" where much of one's personal life was given up for the Greater Good of the masses
of the rest of the people. And, too, they lived up to personal Ideals like Truth honesty, integrity, where a handshake
was a BOND, greater than a legal document! Thus their little ego DID really come last!

the modern generation sees this as "Nazi....Fascist"!
"black and white thinkings".
the older generation is seen as "fundamentalist" in their religion.

pitch it all out and hip-hop rap! Think only of yourself and
throw out those things called religion, like of that bumper
sticker on a car, near 1996 Ithaca new York, that said...
"get those Christmas carols OUT of our schools"!

deeply so!
offensive to 80% of the world and now, today, in most cities, maybe 80% of a schoolroom consists of kids who indeed find xmas carols to be not relevant *and* very offensive!
Gotta soon change the names of all the sports teams too, away from "Indian names"! Like of that new York city school
teacher of 8th grade who wrote that in her class of 30 kids *each* kid is from a different country, what can she teach them about Christmas?

so the older generation, who mostly thought and felt, in black and white, and in *Absolutes* of right and wrong, are
utterly utterly bewildered at the 6,049 shades of grey, in every issue of today's life! That is what is meant, by many of these old people, when they say, "the values are going down, today"!

fundamentalist preacher versus the new age Soul growth person.

I wonder what the baby boomers, when they all get to be 65...70...90 years of age, what will *they* think and feel, about the younger generation behind them?!


posted by freestone wilson at 9:37 AM

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