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ONE YEAR TO LIVE-A vision gives me one year to live as of may 13th 2002: this Journal is how I deal with that! one year to live

one year to live
October 26th, A dream event shows me that I will live till late 2011 or early 2012, then I will leave with the rest of much of humanity, at the "END, this dream states"! [a collective massdeath event of some kind, probably!] ---yet another Extension, now living *way* beyond my [apparently] pre-birth setup Life Plan! Stay Tuned!

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Friday, October 14, 2005
10:30 AM
hi all...

Here is a dream.
But inside of this dream is a Prophecy, this "prophecy"
infers there will be one of the most amazing, to-come, Events possible, in our immediate future!!

A dream. Looks like a standard dream, but very very quickly, even in the dream, I can sense that this is no ordinary dream, dreamed by "ordinary dreaming" folks!

I park my yellow dodge dart car on the large parking lot next to the Lake.
[I owned such a car in 1968. this is my body!]
I began to walk away from this empty lot, up the path next to the creek, a creek that ran into the hills next to the lake. On the other side of this creek, up on the hill, I could see many many old large mansions, huge
"1880" type of Gothic/Georgian/Greek Revival mansions, all in disrepair.
Soon i found a bridge that crossed this large river-like creek and then on the Other Side there was a small graveyard to walk through, then up the steep hill to the first of the row of close-together houses.

[parking lot on the flats next to the lake, and the creek flats = the world, the material plane.
bridge...graveyard...up the hill = this dream is not a dream, but a astral travel dream into the lower astral, the astral level next to the earth, where the souls first arrive after dying! Not a "negative" lower astral plane, but this level is the next level up from the earthsphere, a level where many people go to right after they die.]

I explored one of these old mansions and found that there was someone living in it. He, at first, was bothered by my intrusion, but as this dream
continued for "dream hours", maybe dreamdays, I got to become friends with the owner and all of his many friends who lived with him or came to visit him. The outside of his house was drab and paint-needing, but the decor inside was wonderious and rich with interesting collections and artworks!
I learned that all of these old "rotten" houses had owners and that no one here is concerned with outer "apperences" here, as the inner life is ALL, so that no one cuts the grass or paints and in the lower astral, "rot" does not matter!
This man seems to be an "occult master" of some sort, very advanced in the magick arts. i can only remember bits of the many many hours there, but one event stands out: that i came to a room where many of his friends were playing with a game console! Each of the ten or so people had a small black box about 6 inches square. These boxes look
"primitive" but i could tell that these boxes created a "game" that one lived in, the gameworld was indentical to "real reality"! I also read the promo sheet ad for these boxes, I could tell that there is a factory that produces these probably by the millions, *you*, someday will play this system after you die!
I eventually left this house and floated away from this huge mansion, across a large open field, telling a couple of his friends not to come with me, i actually said, in this dream, "stay away from me, there can be only be me astral traveling back to my car"!

[an objective astral heaven experience]

As i flew slowly off, back down the hill towards the flats, the earth, this master sat in Lotus-position on a rock, and waved to me goodbye and as i floated off several hundred feet, i could dimly hear his parting words, telepathicly, in my head, "come back any time when you are Traveling, to see me"!

Now what makes this astral travel experience a PROPHECY, is what happened just as i began to leave the house, I floated, across this field next to the house, about 50 feet high over the ground!
the sky was dark, nightlike. Suddenly, in the quiet of the astral night, i could dimly hear a shouting of about a hundred people, from far far off, and downwards like they all were down near the parking lot. This shouting got louder and louder and it seemed as if there were now many many thousands of voices! The shouting now had an excited sound to it, the word "Hosanna" came to mind, the voices were full of excitiment and
Praise-like glee: hard to describe. I could tell that these sounds were coming from people were were incarnated, living, on the earth.
maybe my best description of the sounds would be like....
"score: 24 to 27, hometeam is losing, but in the last ten seconds of the game, the hometeam scores a touchdown and kickpoint, now 31 to 27, hometeam wins the Big Game, 65,000 cheer in football ectasy"!

someone near me, in nearly the same excitment, says something like.........

"Jesus Christ has appeared on the earthplane, in some manner!! He is there for all to see"!!


[maybe that is why I left immediately to go back down to earth!]

I floated back to my car and then the last scene was where i was at my childhood home, near the state park where the "real" parking lot was.
Then I woke up. No Jesus!


1... From what i have read, and from what i have learned, Time passage is seen differently on the astral near the earth. A medium's Guide once
said, "if i were to state that one of her clients were to die in one year, this really means that this person would die in two years as there is about a year's worth of time-difference between my level and the earthplane"!
Thus, an event that is happening "NOW", in the lower astral plane of
the first real heavens, an event that has an earth plane counterpart; is an event that WILL occur a year or three or five, in the future of the earthplane. Thus this "shouting" heard from way up in heaven, would either be "shouting" heard from five years in the past, or several years in the future, from my Now of October 14th/05.
Since no one has proclaimed that Jesus is amongst us now, this event is in the future.

2...The other day, I had posted a long, mostly quoted, article about how many psychics and predictors see a probable future coming out of 4 to 9 probable futures, only one of them will be our real one, some of these are not nice futures!
NOW i am beginning to feel that there is a "Joker" in the Deck, a

10th future!

*This* one is the one that is set up by the Christ himself, and while the number ten is "my" number, an extra number beyond the "9 probablilities", the "10" is the number of the Tenth Avatar, the man on the White Horse with the red robe, the man who appears both in the book of Revelations *and* in the Hindu prophecies.

"Kalki", or "Kalkhi", is His Name!

The "Lamb", of course, in the book of revelations, the Name.
in a phrase,


While i will not stick my neck out to say that this astral event presages, predicts, the second coming *as* the christian people foresee it, if all of what i had experienced has any "realness" to it, then thousands and thousands, millions, maybe, people will see Jesus, recognize Jesus, there amoungst them.

3...this "10th" probability, will be really really a "wild card", be utterly
"changing" to our ways of life, hard for me to imagine, really! Those voices sounded SO excited, so happy, so estatic, that I would imagine that His Appearence is not be to in any way "Damming", or "In Judgement", of us all.
[i now, at this moment, have an image of Him being of a kind of "benevolent" Pied Piper, leading
most of us along a short trail up to a cliff where he gestures and a door opens in the side of this cliff showing a stairs upwards to a entrance to a heaven of Glorious light, and we all and each run up the stairs, never ever to come back to Incarnation on the physical earth ever again!]

4..He would have enimies too, of course: many from the Established Church, with their Expectations as to what a returning jesus should act like!! He might not be like any of that.
Eat meat?
Do magick Acts, a super-sorceror/Wicca/druid!
Praise console games as developing imagination?
Praise homosexuality?!
----and other "button pushers", that i can myself imagine, that Will Offend
most "christians"!

in summation: I have no idea as to how the "real" Second Coming would play out, but the dream-real objective astral event has it where
the gleeful, estatic, shouts can be heard even in the lower heavens, from the earth, as multitudes of people realize that Jesus is alive amoungst them! Someone, in the group of astral friends, of this Master occultist, or maybe this occultist himself, says this, that it is Jesus that they see!

*will* see.
and soon!
--if my theory of "timeslippage" is true, that what is "now" in the astral lower heavens, if this event partakes of the physical plane of earth, the earth-counterpart is a year or three away!

[maybe *this* has to do with at least TWO other dreams that i have had, over the last year or two, where I was TOLD, by an angel, or by someone, in my astral heaven travels, that..."there will be a great outpouring of Spirit, within a year or three, upon the earthsphere"!
[again: timeslippage, be more than that length of time!]

5...this could also mean that many of the "Negative" earthchange events, that many prophets foresee, will not occur at all! [some of mine included!]
I really have no idea what that 10th Wildcard probablility would Do? Maybe "Save" everyone then have 50 volcanoes go off at once after everyone has vanished in the Rapture, only the stay-behinds begin the next Cycle, a Dark age for 500 years. i really do not know anything except that I will not ever ever forget that sound of thousands of people, from down on earth, shouting in such happiness! That alone is Real, along with that person's Pronouncement of the "why" of this shouting!


posted by freestone wilson at 10:30 AM

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