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ONE YEAR TO LIVE-A vision gives me one year to live as of may 13th 2002: this Journal is how I deal with that! one year to live

one year to live
October 26th, A dream event shows me that I will live till late 2011 or early 2012, then I will leave with the rest of much of humanity, at the "END, this dream states"! [a collective massdeath event of some kind, probably!] ---yet another Extension, now living *way* beyond my [apparently] pre-birth setup Life Plan! Stay Tuned!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005
10:17 AM
Hi all....

ah yes, another night of Interesting dreams!

In *this* one, I awoke to the dream where I had now just joined the U S
Air Force, again.
[I was a airman 3rd, 1964 to 1968]
I awoke to find that I was at the basic training camp, in Formation with the other recruits in front of my barracks. Then we all went around the base to get our clothes and our orientations.

[I could tell, in this dream, that this air base was really really small, not Lackland AFB, at all, where I had my 1964 basic! In fact it was a Farm!
That is, it looked as if the air force bought out a large farm with a lot of barns and buildings, and the 300 acres with it, then added some more buildings to the original farm buildings then used the old buildings too.]

we all marched to a classroom building, then there was more orientations, I now wore the green Fatigues, my uniform. The class was dismissed, after the welcome and the lectures on the rules of basic training and then all of us was to walk back to the Dorm, separately. I then, alone, walked
back. On the way there, I noted that the original farmhouse was near my path and I took a detour to look inside. There was a Library inside! A large large Libra, filling the whole house! The books were Old too, all of them, some of the books were bound in leather! I left, not having any more time. At the rear of this maybe 2000 foot long base was the main farm barn, my dorm was behind it. As I walked by the barn, I peered into the large open barndoor, hearing someone talk loudly. "funny", I thought, the voice was very *very* high pitched, and very fast talking, it
sounded much like of a tape recorded voice played back at high speed,
one of the played back "electronic voices" of spirits recorded on a tape!
[especially since I caught a look at the speaker]
It was an alien, not someone from the human race. I left real quickly!!
Then, in the dream, I thought about the old farmhouse, as I walked the few hundred feet back to my dorm. This farmhouse is "one of those farmhouses" straight from my many many visits, of late, the last year or two, from a *certain* astral world!

[I have been to this one place maybe 50 times or more in the last year or three, since about 2003!! All of the buildings had a certain "flavor" to them, all of very very OLD farms! It is as if this Land was composed
of souls from the area of my upstate new York farming area, the Land that my father had gone to, immediately after he died and in fact he came to visit me about a year or two after he died, in a Lucid dream and he told me that he now lived in the "New York Victorian farm World"
(his words!). Then he moved upwards in progression to the next heaven level, thus I figured that this land was the first place he lived in, after death, before Advancing upwards to a higher heaven, where *then* months later, I saw his heaven home, on that next upper level.
In this land, the people have the freedom to create the farms of their Greater fantasy imaginations, no hold barred! Building a super-barn is cheap, and anything a farmer wanted to do while he lived on earth but was prohibited from doing because of cost or of the limitations of building material, why now he could Do It here! I have seen barns 300 feet high, I have seen farmhouses that would put the Biltmore Mansion to shame!

all of these homes usually are abandoned, in my astral travels. I finally figured out why: the builder resident advances to a higher heaven, leaving his Creations behind, and sometimes newcomers move in and add to his farm, then they leave. I have seen miles and miles of wondrous farms, most of the buildings have fading white paint of a certain shade of white, this tells me that the buildings are painted from 1880 paints which usually was "whitewash" or even "MILK"!]

BACK TO DREAM! In the dream, I knew that I "floated" about a foot off of the floor, in this Library, yet another indication that this place was in the farmlands of the astral that I have often been to.
There was no other troops, from my squadron of about 30 guys, at the barracks. I was alone. Somehow, I had gotten off of the Class Plan for that day and I needed to know where they were. I chose then to walk back to the front of the gate, front of the base, from the rear where my barracks was at, where to find the Offices near the front gate. I then chose to walk out into the fields, and then walk around the circular base; easier than to thread myself through the buildings, plus the astral sky and clouds were Incredible in their beauty, I could only see it by going out of the complex of base-buildings. I left my barracks, walking around the barn with the aliens in it, then walked out to the field, and turned right to walk around this 2000 foot base.
Open sky with incredible cumulus clouds, I could not see the base as I walked around it, there was a thick row of trees blocking my view. There was a "helicopter pad" near the base, I could see aircraft on it parked.
these 'aircraft" were not copters though, off in the distance these crafts
looked like FLYING SAUCERS!
I finally walked to the front of the base and then I turned the corner of the row of trees, only to find that the base was


There was a shallow crater where this base was, a hole in the ground about 2000 feet long and about 1000 feet across and maybe 30 feet deep!
---and *another* thing: there were ten foot trees growing on the sides and on the bottom of this crater, and the ground was also covered with weeds!
[as if "years" have gone by!]
Then some local farmers walked up, and they scratched their heads, as they knew that this base was here seemingly hours ago!
not a trace left, not a man, a building, not even the landing field!
Only I remained, wearing those fatigues!

[actually, now, I can interpret this! This airbase is a "collection zone"
for souls who live here, in this astral Farmlands, who are getting near their time of Advancements where they are almost ready to Progress to the next level. Farmers who will soon leave for the next upper level of their afterlife experiences. They come here, get a bit of "prep", then the whole "base" Transfers as a whole object, to this next level. The "aliens"?? Probably Angels or more advanced souls, or even "aliens"
from other solar systems who are members of the faculty who progress the "farmers" to the next level.
I, being only "out of body", did not go with them, of course.

But I feel there is a *MUCH* deeper meaning, for me, here, and this is why I write so much about this experience!
[About May of 2003, I astrally went to India to meet a Master Guru, a resident of the astral, and there he told me that while he lived on earth, he would astral travel to the Hall of LifeRecords and retrieve records on the lives of certain souls and then awake and then to write up, one life per sheet, on paper, the life lived. He then told me that these records also contain the *Intended* life too, where the this soul, before Incarnating, would have his life-plan set up, for his life to live on earth, then he would incarnate. Thus the life-record, of one soul, would contain
both the Plan plus the record of how this plan actually was lived out; whether the soul achieved his Plan, or not!
This master told me that he did this a lot, as a young man, in India, around 1936 or 1938.
Then he pulled up a thick pile of papers. Probably the astral copies of what he wrote on earth! He then told me that MY life was seen by him, then, in 1938! He then rummaged through this pile for a moment and low and behold he held up a sheet of paper, all written in Hindu except
the name of the soul-record, at the top, written in bold English (Roman)
characters; I could read the name...



he read, for a moment, this sheet. He then told me that I had successfully completed my life path, I had done all of what I came to earth for!
he then stared at me and he GRAVELY said...."IN ONE YEAR, FREESTONE, YOU WILL BEGIN YOUR SPIRIT PATH! (spoken on may 13 2002). Then he spoke in Hindu, I guess, except that I could see at the bottom of the sheet that he held in his hand, a small drawing. It was of me, looking West to the Setting Sun, from in front of my childhood home, in upstate, NY!
And...At the bottom of this sheet of Sanskrit/Hindu writing, just above the image, was the English/Roman word..."HEMORRHAGE"!

I probably had one year to live!

There was six months of many many dreams preparing me to die, apparently! Then around the end of November of 2003, I had a hemorrhoid break, a teaspoon of blood in the toilet bowl certainly *looked* scary!
(hemorrhage=hemorrhoid, maybe the same word! )
Then at that same month of November, 2003, I had a astral travel where a lady told me
"one year:get READY"! There were suddenly many many more dreams of such warnings.

then one more dream of EXTENSION! ( I will live yet longer!)

Perhaps the "Horace/hemorrhoids" of 2003, was to begin the one year countdown!]

I apologize for the long digression, but I have to build you a barn before I can place the weathervane on top of its roof!!

*Now* I can interpret this dream in one quick motion!
*if* I had died in around 2004, I would have gone to live in a "first level astral world", of course. Almost certainly this world would have been this Farm lands. This is why I had astral traveled to this place often, as I was SUPPOSED to have been there already!

If I had died in 2004, I would have lived the "one year per ten" there, thus I would have lived in this farmland for 12 to 20 years! Eventually I would be "ready" to progress to the next level. Thus I would have moved to this "airbase", to get ready to Ascend to the next heaven level, as this airbase "Program" is probably one way to advance a group of souls all at one time. Of course this base place "left" when it did, taking all of the souls who were ready, with it, but not ME! Thus I had to make the appearance at the time of Progression, probably to "let myself know', in this astral dream, that I was supposed to have progressed then, and did not, as I did not die and will not die, not for ????? years, maybe till 2011/12 when many many will go.
Thus as I was "supposed" to have lived there in the farmlands, after I 2004 died, I would have now often dreamvisited there, my "rightful" place in heaven. No wonder I dreamed so much of this place!

I probably will end up in the "refugee
camp", in 2011/12 where thousands and thousands will congregate in 'tents"; one of the masses of souls plucked at once!
or...Maybe live here even longer if "2011/12" does not occur: my genes might permit me to live another 20 years, or more, I am 64 now!


posted by freestone wilson at 10:17 AM

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