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ONE YEAR TO LIVE-A vision gives me one year to live as of may 13th 2002: this Journal is how I deal with that! one year to live

one year to live
October 26th, A dream event shows me that I will live till late 2011 or early 2012, then I will leave with the rest of much of humanity, at the "END, this dream states"! [a collective massdeath event of some kind, probably!] ---yet another Extension, now living *way* beyond my [apparently] pre-birth setup Life Plan! Stay Tuned!

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Monday, December 12, 2005
10:23 AM

well hi again, all...

I read, here in the predictions discussion, yet another posting of the
HOPI PROPHECIES. I have seen these many many times and in slight variances, over the years.

While all of the "warnings" have now come true, there is a reason why
I feel that the "dreaded outcome", the earthchanges/end times
of the great time of Purifications, that they foresee,


over written!

thus if I am right, the prophecy will now be "wrong"!!

[worth, to me, bringing this out of the thread about the Hopi prophecy, just to get my idea to the light of day! At the bottom of this post is a huge huge "bombshell" of a channeled statement, truly a one sentence
statement that could explain ALL of the last 40 to 50 years of our history and why *you* are living in such great stress-filled Times!!]


while I agree with this, that I have seen this prophecy many times, every time that I read it somewheres, I have a new insight about the end times and prophecy!

like now!!

I have been having a series of dreams, over the last few months, where I have been shown something that the more I think and meditate about these dreams, the more Radical my feelings become about our collective future!

[I will now digress into delving into my two recent dreams and ramble on and on and on, as I am going to end up making a statement, near the end of this "talk", where I am going to say that the 2011/12 times will be a "NO SHOW", nothing might even happen, and we all go on living, and living, and living, and living, without any great collective earthchanges at all, much to the "consternation" of some of these prophets on this board!!]

again: the two dreams.

1...I was shown that two of my friends would die before me, but
"that I would be here, hanging on the the material world, until

2...My airplane to India is waiting on the runway, in Line to come pick up passengers, the number of this plane is "85". I see the number list over the ticket counter and the present number is "10".

Coupling these two dreams with my other experiences, where I cannot readily write about these, I have come to a conclusion about dream number 1....That the "very end" means one of two things, one, that this very end is a collective end, like of "2011".
OR..."The very end", is a phrase that I have read, from a spirit guide, a guide who wrote about people who have a death experience but live, then as they have passed their Set Up deathdate, set up before they were born, they will, as this guide says, "live until the VERY END of their genetic
strength, until their body completely unravels due to old age.

and also about dream number 2...I had first thought, as this dream was given to me on the 10th month, that the 85th month from then, minus ten months, would be about January of 2011, an ominous time.


the myths and "protocols" of interpretations, I have found, do not examine the number of months, it examines the number of Years, thus "85" months is really "85 years"!

I am 64 now, was 64 in that 10th, October month.

6 + 4 = 10!

Thus, if anyone still follows me, this dream, I see now, is inferring that I will live to be 85 years old. One of my grandfathers lived that long, both grandmothers lived till 98 or 99.

but the more time that goes by, if some great disaster will occur, the less that I will be capable of surviving this, as I will be ever ever the older!

---now back to the Hopi prophecy!

---this is one Impressive prophecy, sports fans! I can see, and sense, that the Seers went ahead into time and experienced scenes that they had no cultural background for!
These scenes now have all occurred, the Shoe is waiting to drop. And *when* this shoe drops, so to speak, all manners of terrible things will occur to the world: we now have gone beyond the very last "event" sign!

Here is where I will stick out my "neck" as I cannot prove this idea to you all, or even to myself! All that I sense, is that something "HAPPENED"
after about 1960, or so, that Alters what was foreseen! I cannot here really say if some Being or beings interfered, or that perhaps the human race has gotten its act together better than it appears, in the light of currant events, so that the terrible events will not occur at all.

in other words, I will live a good life until the very very last drop, as that coffee ad says, Maxwell coffee! No major catastrophes, either in 2011 or even 2020, I might die at 85 years old, in 2026, as I am 64 years old now!
nothing major until at least 2026!


I have found "Traces", over the years, of something that could have INDEED altered it all.....I now recall one of these "findings" and I will now
post it here....

I spent some time, once, about 1977, at my summer cottage, reading books about Spiritualism, mostly channeled works. The local Ithaca bookstore had an estate sell to them a man's whole collection of Spiritualism books. I dove in. I would sit on the front porch next to Cayuga lake, all that summer when I was in the mood, I would read.
There was a book, written from South Africa, where a young man, a rock musician and sports car owner, was killed in a car accident. His father was, of course, heartbroken. However, his father had a talent for automatic writing, and soon his son, waking up in the afterlife, made contact with his father and then began to channel a journal, his journal of his heavenly progress through the planes and spheres of the afterlife. The father had a book published with a year or so of these weekly, or so, channeled accounts from his son.
The son mentioned the words "sports car" and "rock and roll".
mentioned these words often. They both lived in the major city, there, on the very coast of the country of South Africa.
This book was published about 1970, maybe even later. There was no "time" stated in the journals or from the father, so that I do not know when the son died.
I suspect the timeframe was about either late 50s [Elvis Presley period]
or the late 60s. Probably the late 60s or even the very early 70s, was when he died.

I will never forget that one or two lines the son stated to his father, in one of the transcriptions, when the son was well advanced in his progress through the upward progressional path through the heavens.
The son was commenting upon the reason

"why the youth of today are so restless"?!

He gave a reason why the youth of today are so restless, in one sentence, a "hydrogen bomb" of a sentence!!

"the reason why the youth of today are so restless is that Jesus Christ has come down through the heavens and now, today, he sits *right* at the boundary of the Astral plane that is nearest to the earthplane, so that his permanent setting there is right at the boundry and all of His energy
and vibrations are stimulating all of today's youths!"

---and here is the "match' that ignites this "hydrogen bomb"!

A writer once visited an Ashram, in India, in the 70s or 80s. he spent several weeks with the Guru. The writer had high respects for this Guru, a very spiritual person. There were quite a few visitors and dwellers, lots of devotees, both Indian and western, at this compound of buildings.
[not sai baba, ??????]
However this writer soon noticed that most of these devotees were *anything* but "spiritual", in fact many of them were near-insane! They seemed to be over-reacting to everything, very unbalanced, very self-centered!
One day this writer went to ask this Guru as to why he seemed to attract
relatively calm devotees, who later became anything *but* calm, as if the reason for all of this was the Guru himself! [shades of "demonic Guru/Cult!"]
The Guru said, " I Know that I am channeling God, the highest vibration, and channeling it into the area of this ashram, thus onto everyone around me. The reason why all the devotees are near-crazy, is that this Shakti
energy stirs up everything that is inside of them, especially the stuff that is repressed or forgotten deep in the lower mind, this energy brings it all out"!

[as in "toxin release!!"]

"bang"! The "hydrogen bomb" is now exploded! One now should sit back and meditate upon that one sentence about Jesus coming right down to the barrier between heaven and earth, the Place where if he came "one more inch down" he would have to Incarnate on the earth!
Now you would know *WHY* these last 40+ years are so 'crazy" and why all of the lower chackras of many of our teens and "ghetto dwellers" are so stimulated! And why Drugs are so popular as now everyone knows that
there is more to life than the physical world, due to Jesus constantly bathing our earthplane with his vibrations!
Thus we all might be "in that ashram", so to speak, being radiated with
Christ's energy, some people advance 30 lifetimes in one life, and some others do a great Toxin release, of all of the crud that is in their 'basement"!

and...Maybe here is why the Hopi prophecies, as well as all of the others, from Nostradamus to cayce, are now

as close to the Second Coming as one could get, without a actual physical appearance! And you are living in it!!

yes, this is why I sense that the "shoe" has not dropped yet, and might never ever drop!

I suspect, if I were to think about it, and I will do this, is that 90% of all of the Changes, from 1960 to 2005, can be traced back to Jesus Christ permanently sitting on the boundary between the Astral plane and the Earthplane!
we are being radiated upon, every moment!


posted by freestone wilson at 10:23 AM

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