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ONE YEAR TO LIVE-A vision gives me one year to live as of may 13th 2002: this Journal is how I deal with that! one year to live

one year to live
October 26th, A dream event shows me that I will live till late 2011 or early 2012, then I will leave with the rest of much of humanity, at the "END, this dream states"! [a collective massdeath event of some kind, probably!] ---yet another Extension, now living *way* beyond my [apparently] pre-birth setup Life Plan! Stay Tuned!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
10:41 AM
in a psychic forum, someone wrote about how all of her life she had visions of end times and earthchanges, but "where are they"?! Her lament is below, then my reply is added.

[quote="XXXXX Like many of you on this board and elsewhere, I have believed- no, I have known for most of my life that humanity was on the cusp of some extraordinary change/s. With each passing year, my sense of this coming "event" or chain of events grew stronger. I would say that, on some level, I have known this was coming for my entire life but I only

This has been so much a part of the fabric of my life, my consciousness that it is very difficult to ask, even faceciously, if I have been deluded in my belief that a change was upon us. But I am being quite serious here. I feel that something, whatever "it" was supposed to be, should have happened by now.

But it has not. We're all still here. Nothing has changed.

So- seriously- have we been suffering from some shared delusion? Or have Higher forces interfered with what might have been our fate, and postponed or cancelled transformative events? Or are they imminent?


HI X...., hi all...

here is one quote in its entirety, from a post a way back

a few years ago, I wrote:

over the years i have been given a number of earthchange visions where
terrible things are going to occur to the earth and to us all on it.
In 1995 or so, i was given a "final" vision conerning these endtimic
earthchanges.....that these upheavals were[are] going to be DELAYED
or even canceled!
In shortened form, here it is...

In about the fall of 1995, i had a dream vision.
I went to my high school, to my 1960 Upstate new York Home
Town, with my graduating class of 29 students ---to have a class
reuinion there.
I met with them all, in a classroom and i had news for them!
I told them all something, a "something" that was coming THROUGH me as
if I were channeling this messege from a yet higher realm of Spirit.
I merely said,

"that the Lord, in his
mercy, has permitted an INDIAN SUMMER of the Spirit, to bless the earth,
at this
time. ..and that everyone should take great
advantage, of this time of
grace, to progress one's soul, and to get
right with spirit, and to
finish up all the creative acts, of one's
life, for the end times and earthchanges that were
to have now[1995] to have begun ----they are now to be DELAYED
or even to be lessened in severity when they DO come"!
then I woke up.



later...I began to think about this little vision.
MY! what a symbol!


in my childhood place of growing-up (where this
high school,is) there is this thing called, "Indian
it is where there is a whole stretch of mild
weather, in the late fall. Winter should have begun by now,
but there is a delay of this cold. There are perfect skies, warm
temperatures, calm winds, and the leaves are
so so colorful. The Mildness can
go on for a week, or even for several weeks.
it is a time for to get
ready for winter; and a time to enjoy the
beauty of upstate New York, at
its fine-est. the cold fronts are delayed,
for weeks...and it is
70 degrees every day, under clear blue skies...and all
the leaves fire
off their colors.....sometimes all at once!

so, from this dream maybe we will have a delay.

[from 1995!]

maybe two..maybe
ten......have a calm earth. no great mass upheavals.
it is a
time to "finish up the Schoolwork", of one's life-missions,
in our high school that is of our earthly Incarnations. We should make
amends with all people, to
forgive one and all, and to be reach out to Spirit, and
to let go of what you cannot take with you.

in the Northlands, if there is an Indian
Summer, that seems to go on,
seemingly, forever: watch out!!!
---for WHEN the arctic blast comes,
it will roar in BIG TIME, and freeze everything
dead, in one Withering, freezing, blast. 40 mph
winds and bitter
temperatures, with snow covering everything, will occur overnight!


during this time of
grace!---finish up high school,
prepare for college! Yes, College!-----the
new millenium-to-come; our "new Earth and the new heavens"!

And, you know, maybe we all will die of
death instead of earthchanges! we all may die of natural causes
instead of mass-dying in
some great Catastrophie of earth-upheaval. Each one of us, then,
if this delay is so, will have our very own personal rapture,
our own personal entrance into the Spirit world, as each of us
dies in accidents, or of sicknessess, or of all the other ways to die.

I have read Anne kirdwood's "channeling mother mary"
too, on this topic.

June/July 1996 Issue #28

For a sample printed copy or to subscribe, contact B&A Products at the address or phone number shown above or on our Home page.

Many people have asked about the predictions given in Mary's Message to the World and why some haven't happened. In our "Mary's Message/Newsletter" June/July 1996 Issue #28, Mother Mary addressed this. (Note: Annie and Byron's section are not included with this.)

This is Mother Mary's section

My dear children,

It is with great joy, and with great love that I encourage you to stay committed as you bring forgiveness and unconditional love to your family. When you make a decision or commitment to love unconditionally, you join many who are learning to be at peace. Unconditional love will spread peace from heart to heart. Only by living in unconditional love, will humanity begin to change for the better. When humanity begins to shift and change its consciousness, then great benefits will be extended to everyone on earth.

Many people all over the world are praying for good, for a betterment to their situation and lives. The betterment may be for an end to war, or the end of a family squabble, or it could be for an improvement in their economic situation. More and more people are praying for good, and any prayer for good, improvement or betterment helps. Many people are taking actions and doing what they can to bring peace to their family. They have committed themselves to heal their addictions, and in so doing, they help humanity to change for the better. Many people are turning to their religions with new hope, and new fervor. Many people all over the world are seeking to change themselves for the better. Some are looking to better their economic situation, others are looking to better their educational life, and still others are seeking to better their life in general. Many people are growing, and seeking to grow spiritually. Many more are in prayer for the healing of society, and this world.

There is more awareness of how each of you affect others. More people are giving a thought of how they are living. In many places in the world there is now an awareness of how each person affects the planet and environment. No longer are people unaware of the plight of the planet. Everyone is aware of the many people who live on earth, who are sharing the air, water, and minerals. People are aware of each other, their affect on the planet, and their affect on the whole of humanity. Even the most uneducated understand that they can join with others and make great differences in their governments, their environment and in their plight. Many are taking action and are praying.

It is this awareness, these decisions and understanding that has benefitted the whole of humanity. The many disasters I told you about in past messages have been delayed and minimized to such an extent that a grace period has been granted humanity. You will find that the next few years will be given to you in order that you may be ready and prepared in total. You will have an extension of up to ten years. During the ten-year grace period, there will still be many storms and the weather will continue to be erratic and unusual. People will lose their life because of the weather and because of natural disaster. People will continue to comment on the weird and unusual weather. Scientists will give many explanations, but none will be able to tell you exactly what is happening with Mother Nature.

It is still my wish that all be prepared for any eventuality. It is my desire that you remain prepared for any emergency which could arise. When you remain prepared both spiritually and physically, you are ready to help others. You are ready to do your part to bring calmness and peace into chaotic situations. You are more than ready to be of service to mankind, and in so doing you are ready to be of service to God.

The year 2012 will be a year of monumental change, which will affect all areas of your life. Between now and this year of change, many people will develop new perceptions and new understandings. Many people will seek to find the inner healing of a peaceful soul. During this time, I call upon you, my aware children, to increase your prayers, so that this grace period will be extended to its fullest of fifteen years. Pray that the population of this world will be aware of the damages that war and violence has on the environment, and to the inner environment of the soul. Pray that a greater number of people will open their eyes to the joys of living a spirit-filled life while on earth. Pray that people will open their ears, and hear the call of Spirit for a soul healing. Pray that families will learn to live in peace, and that all family violence will be eradicated from the face of earth. Pray that children will become aware of their full potential. Pray for teachers and parents. Pray they will teach peace and unconditional love through the example of their personal life, and through the workings of the arts and sciences of mankind. You have done so well, my children. It is a new challenge that I bring. It is the challenge of living your life so that people who are blind can see the beauty of the soul. It is the challenge of teaching others how to love, by loving yourself and all people unconditionally. It's the challenge of being the best you were created to be, not from the outside in, but from the inside out. You are to love and forgive yourself unconditionally, and love and forgive your loved ones in this manner. You will extend the love of appreciation and acceptance to every person who comes into your life.

Don't be so much concerned with the outer things in your life; what you eat, what you drink, what you wear, or how you look. Be more concerned with what is eating at your heart, what you're keeping hidden from yourself, what addictions or obsessions may be wearing away your spirit connection, and of how you look in your heart of hearts. When you take care of the inside, your heart and mind, then and only then, the outer issues will take care of themselves. Pray to be loving at all times, not just the outer manifestations of a loving person, but the inner manifestations of a loving soul. People can put on the face of a loving person and hold the mask of sweetness in place for a time, but the truly loving heart will be seen in the midst of anger, and in the midst of great tribulation. A spirit-filled person will be calm in the face of chaos and will be brave and courageous when in great fear.

Be more vigilant now during this blessed period of grace. Let your inner guidance lead you in ways to heal the issues of the heart. Allow your spirit to guide you to live a life that is filled with the joy of unconditional love, the peace of a forgiving soul, and the beauty of willing spirit. I am loving you and am proud of you, my faithful children.

Mary, Mother of Jesus.

I, myself, freestone, have had several dreams that inferred something about my own Death, a death that did not occur, around the time of January 2005. i have apparently been given a personal delay.

my own feelings, in addition to my dream and mother mary's channeling, is that there are a LOT of terrible events "scheduled", but did not occur, for whatever reason, having to do with Grace, either directly, or indirectly, due to our own "advances", collectively.

---reminds me of that aricle about the man with AIDS who prepared to die, set up his whole future to get ready to die as the doctors gave to him something like of six to nine more months to live: his body looked like, probably, a truck ran over it, as the aids had ravished it greatly.
but New Drugs came out and now he faces that he could live for ten to 30 years yet!
"NOW what"? he asks, as he had planned for years that he would have no future, he did all of his legal work, his estate work, his goodbyes, his Acceptances, his forgivensess, but he still lives! his script was now over but his feet is glued to the Stage, the play still goes on but he has turned over that last page of his life-script!
now what?!!

I even suspect that many people who read this are in the same Boat: they were supposed to have died in some nameless disaster, but did not!
I even suspect this is why so so so many people are "waiting for the shoe to drop", and they feel like a kind of sword is hanging over their heads, as
they are thinking, "surely by NOW, the Great ???? is to occur, I set it up before i incarnated, to die by the hand of this ???? event"!!

the "thinking": "I set it up with the Masters/Jesus that i will die by this event, thus as this event has not occured and I *know* that it seems late, it will occur momentarily, surely surely it *will*, as the master told me so, and He has been my Guide for 10,000 years, thus my recurrant visions all of my life reflect this event to come, thus i post my dreams on this forum, etc,etc,"

and the Lord Giveth Grace, long after you were born, the Coach changes the play in midgame, the Coach changes the football pass strategy *after*
the Huddle and play has begun, the ball is passed back to the reciever:
*then* they find out that the Coach has changed what was planned, thus some players are now alone out in left field, their position is now useless!

but where oh where *IS* this event?!"

in the Mother Mary prediction, she says "up to ten years of grace", and
her message was given in 1996.



maybe you can now sort of live *like* you had already died! that like you are now living in the "cleansing heavens" where incoming souls
clean up their lives, a bit, from the vestages of the earthlife that cannot go up with them into the real heavens, above. begin to live *like* you were already IN heaven, now!

How long?
how long will this indian summer last?

maybe we all will arrive in the new vibrational heavens, the New heavens, by Death, not by "earthchanges/wars"!

"death" merely dying of old age, accidents, etc, etc: the usual stuff of how each of us dies.
Only take 40 years to turn the field over, for us older readers.
by then much of humanity will be in heaven: no earthupheavals needed!

maybe then Indeed there will be no real major disasters except for the "local" ones, no astroids, no comets, only more of what you read about.

but maybe not!
maybe after a mild indian summer, winter "makes up for lost time" and then a major major "cold front comes", like in 2012, a 50 mile wide astroid wipes us away, or that the Sun will go Nova!

extra time.

my own dream, the angel I see my life-path ahead of me, but just behind me i see a crack in the ground that runs at right angles to the path, and extends from horizen to horizen! A crack about two inches wide and runs way way down into the bedrock!
"the Separation has occurred, but has been stopped, and has been stopped for the foreseable future"!!
---this dream is describing my own death that did not occur, my own
"challange" that this here dream gives to me is that in a sense I have become "separated' from the physical plane, thus i might live on my 5th floor senior center for years and be even MORE the Autistic, more separated from "normal life"! as if i had begun the dying process, the separation of soul from body, but was stopped in mid-separation!

anyway....this is why i will probably see, in the years ahead, a lot of psychics with a pie-in-the-face, having few "hits" come true!


seen truly, but years later the event does not occur

why once I 'stumbled" through a astral school of some sort, for new arrived souls. i found the personal library of the cirriculum director, a room full of books just outside of his office, he was not in his office so that i could look freely around but i saw a calander memo book on the table.
This book was the "year-planner", day by day calander, for the year
[dream occured in late 2004!]

so here i was having a look at his day by day planning calendar, for this Master, i felt a bit like of that apprentice in that walt disney cartoon about the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" sneaking into the master's room to look up a spell on how to get the broom to fetch the water for the master's bath!

I found *this* entry
----January 27th 2005
One Age Rolls over into the next age [on this day]!!

no feeling, no expression, just like a master would write this, i guess...

so, sports fans. tis things like of these that give to me Hope, *or* fear!!


posted by freestone wilson at 10:41 AM

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