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ONE YEAR TO LIVE-A vision gives me one year to live as of may 13th 2002: this Journal is how I deal with that! one year to live

one year to live
October 26th, A dream event shows me that I will live till late 2011 or early 2012, then I will leave with the rest of much of humanity, at the "END, this dream states"! [a collective massdeath event of some kind, probably!] ---yet another Extension, now living *way* beyond my [apparently] pre-birth setup Life Plan! Stay Tuned!

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Monday, March 20, 2006
10:44 AM
----rumblings and ramblings on the 2011/12 aztec/mayan/toltec "end times"!
[two posts in sequence]

that 2011/12 "thing" bothers me!

I am afraid that there has been so much 'talk" about this date that the original Statement of the Prophecy might have been mis-construed!!

I am not clear on what that First Statement was.....

I, myself, thought that the Statement was....

either: "the Time ends on 2012" or, "one age transfers over to another then". or..."the new age begins on 2012"

semantics is ALL!

as in: would you blow up that new house that you just now moved into?
would you tear down the ole wreck of a shack just *before* you move in?!!


If, say, dec 12 2012 *is* the Date, then the new age begins then. Fine.
but that might mean that the "tearing down of the shack" occurs


then, before dec 12 2012!


dec 12 2012 is "when the sun comes out from the storm clouds", and thus the Storm will occur a number of years before 2012!!

"!!" indeed, I should have put, above, 56 "!"s there!

thus "semantics" will be all important, here, for if my suspician is right, the *end*
of the Upheavals will be dec 12 2012, not the beginning of the upheavals of the earth's crust!

we all will not have long till we find out!



yes I have some problems with Reckonings of time and the acurracy of prophet's interpetation

somewheres there is a Nostradamus quartrain that says something like this....

The last of one of the name of the prophet
will take Monday as his day and rest:
Traveling far in his frenzy
delivering a great people from subjection.

[there might be several quartrains with this "Monday" in them.
I think that there is one that says..."he takes Monday as his Holy day"]

I found a nostradamus book that had the original french.

the word for monday was....
"MAUNDY". [sp]

...seems that nearly every single nostradamus book uses this french original wording as a basis for the "Monday" translation.

basic french dictionary.
Maunday = thursday!!

good grief charlie brown, you mean that every single translator hast based their attempts upon a previous translator and the error just keeps on-a-going!
[most of the far east uses thusday as their holy day, ]

My father, in the 70s had a vast hobby of Indian legends of the upstate new york fingerlakes region. he traveled probably in a 200 mile radius, talking to old Indian people.
my father was a great talker too, a great story-teller and he could talk for hours and hours. thus when he interviewed the old indian, he would also tell this old man his own stories that he got from other indians, months ago, from far away.
my freind warned me that my father was "polluting" the indians "Real"
stories as my father would alter a bit the tale and then tell it to an old indian and then this old indian would tell *his* friends his tale and then the tale would travel for miles and miles and thus my father would run into this tale, 60 miles away but he would not recognize this tale as his own and thus he would pick it up as an original old-tale and then tell others about it and they they in turn would pass it onwards so that Dudley would pick it up a third time and alter it slightly and then pass it onwards yet again!!

yes, the Elders of the mayan have the true dates of the 2011/12
but do we Know?! how would we know that the dates themselves, that these elders have preserved, were gotten from another source and then altered since the First Revealings by spirit?!

I note how the new agers have copied from each other, all over the web sites and thus one quotes from another and how can one find Bottom?!

example: "diary products cause mucus". passed on and on and accepted as gospal truth by many newagers.

[i never ever understood how somone could get terribly sick in 5 minutes just as a contrail occurred: how can something at 18,000 feet get to you in five minutes?!]
do not try to tell the contrail people otherwise or you could get severly flamed for your efforts!
each person supports the other, in the contrail dept.

then too, Spirit could "wiggle" the date forwards and backwards by a few years, since the first revealings back from thousands of years ago.

one percent of, say, 4000 years is 40 years!!
even the time from the 1490 AD Change is about 500 years, a one per cent change is 5 years.

thus the 2011/12 *exact* date could be off by years!

there is only 5 to 6 years, now, till then!

I again post my original query, as I am not sure of what the Real intent is, of the "2011/12 thing".

is the "2011/12" the beginning of the end, or the end of the endtimes?!

[the entrance into the Storm, or the stormclouds moving off and the sun comes out onto a fesh new world?!]

that Difference is *NOT* "academic", sports fans, as if the former, this means that the heavy duty earthchanges must have occurred *BEFORE*
the "rollover of 2011/12!! not after.

does the earthchanges occur after 2011/12?

does one move into the house before the housecleaning, or afterwards?!
"common sense" tells me that the sun will dawn onto a new age, the sky will clear and the grass is wet with the freshing rain, the storm is over.

I suppose Spirit has been delaying and delaying all of this "cleasning"
till the last minute, does this mean that all of this will occur at once?!
20 years of condensed earthchanges done in three years?!


[more radical yet: NOTHING happens!]
no earthchanges at all except the usual small stuff and local wars.
oh HOW disappointed all of the new agers would be then?!

I, myself, tend to favor the idea that the events could occur before, not after.

yes, the spanarids did invade the mayan/aztec empire after the last
prophetic score line of timechange, but they invaded so easy partly because the aztecs were so weakened by a huge drought beforehand.

I guess the best cousel would be to listen to your OWN inner voice, and to the voices of your angels, guides, and Jesus, on this matter: i am just
jousting with the windmill of the obvious, a gadfly to hopefully have someone here
Question the Questioners, to question whther the new agers have made a "loop" like of my father, above, making a loop where each one re-inforces the story of another so that the whole wheel has each "spoke' reinforced by the spoke next to it and with *IN* this wheel there is not room enough to insert a business card, the interlocking validation system is so so tight!

posted by freestone wilson at 10:44 AM

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